Longboards look like skateboards. However, they are typically longer and wider. Thus, more adhesive and stable. Due to this, longboards are better suited for longer journeys. And yes, they are a popular option among skateboarding fans. Why? Because of their ease of transportation.
As much as they look like skateboards, buying one will not be the same thing as. If you’re looking forward to buying one, you’ll need to have at least basic knowledge of them.But do know worry if you don’t know anything! We have done extensive research and we can provide the best longboard reviews ! By doing that, you’ll be able to distinguish a low-quality board from a high-quality one. And of course, you’ll see more likely to get the one that meets your needs, style and taste.

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Top 5 Best Longboards Recommendation for 2016

1. Sector 9 42-Inch Bamboo Green Wave Longboard

With the total dimension of 9.6 x 42 inch, the board is pretty solid and longer than the standard piece. Since it is longer, it offers a better balance and nice platform for the feet. It comes with 74m Sector 9 78A wheels, 10-inch gullwing chargers, and Abec-5 PDP bearings. The main material is the Taco Mold bamboo (laminated), so it looks shiny and glossy. It has the 5-ply construction with drop through trucks. Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Lookout II Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard review

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2. Atom Pintail Longboard

This longboard type will have the right answer because all the perfect features will be on this skateboard. 8.5 inches Aluminum Trucks; Abec 5 Bearings ; Deck – Maple Laminate Deck; 65mm / 78A Urethane Wheels; Full coverage griptape top;
Longboard with classic deck shape helps you avoid wheel bite.
Ideal for beginner longboard riders.
8.5-inch aluminum trucks, ABEC 5 bearings, 78A urethane wheels Atom Pintail Longboard review

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3. Sector 9 Bamboo G-Land Complete 44-Inch

Other brands and products may have 41 or 42-inch, but this type will be coming with a total dimension of 44 x 9.75 inch.Sturdy quality! You get what you pay for! Recommended! Sector 9 Bamboo G-Land 9.75x44 Complete Longboard review

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4. Quest 2012 Classic Longboard

With the low price sometimes you don’t believe that you would get the best graphic which is usually needed hundred dollars to get them on your skateboard deck. This classic skateboard type is a real killer. Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard review img

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5. Yocaher 40-Inch Lowrider Punked Drop

With the low price sometimes you don’t believe that you would get the best graphic which is usually needed hundred dollars to get them on your skateboard deck. This classic skateboard type is a real killer. Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard review

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What exactly is a longboard?

There is something interesting about of skates. Although we previously said that they are typically longer and wider, this doesn’t apply to every longboard. In fact, some of them are shorter than some skateboards. This is rare, though.
So, what is the main tell-tale sign of a longboard, then?

It is their wheels, not their length. The wheels are bigger and softer than the wheels of a skateboard. Their size allows them to travel more smoothly and quickly than a skateboard. It also allows them to roll over small obstacles. This is exactly why longboards are better suited for uneven surfaces and rough terrain.
Often,they can also have wider trucks. And this, allows them to turn more quickly. Because a longboard is typically longer than a skateboard, their turning radius would be compromised by their narrow trucks. Even the shorter ones have wider trucks. After all, they are designed for traveling, not aerial tricks.


Generally, longboards length is about 42 to 46 inches. Some can be longer or shorter. If you want to buy a longboard, the length  will depend on how you will use them. For instance, shorter are better suited for flatland riding. That is terrain that doesn’t have a lot of rough surfaces or downhill inclines. These flatland longboards are 40 inches or less in length. Which will allow you to carve very sharp angles. Shorter boards are very maneuverable. However, they are less stable, which makes them ill-suited for bumps and steep hills.
Boards that are more than 47 inches are seen as the “longer” longboards. Some can even be over 57 inches. The advantage of these longer boards is that they are incredibly stable and smooth. Even when going at high speeds down steep hills. However, they are not designed for carving. They also have poor turning radius as well.
Another aspect that is closely related to board length is the wheelbase. It is the measurement between front and back wheels. It can give a user a good indication of the size of the board. It differs from the board length because it is not directly proportional. This is due to the wheelbase is determined by the trucks placement. If the trucks are further apart, the board will be “loose.” It won’t have a tight turning radius. On the other hand, if the trucks are close together, the board will be “tight.” This, in turn, enables maneuvering and easy turning.



Also known as the deck width, longboard stance is also an important aspect to consider if you want to buy one. It is determined largely by height as well as personal preference. Generally, they use to be are 8 ½ to 9 ½ inches wide. For people who have bigger feet, they should go for a board with a width closer to the latter number. And conversely, those who have smaller feet should for a board with a width closer to the former number. With that in mind, any  above 42 inches in length will have a width wide enough for even the tallest riders.


Longboards come in three shapes. They are concave, flat and convex.
The shape of the majority are concave. The both sides of the board are slightly raised upwards when it is viewed straight on from the front. Concave boards have the advantage of helping a rider’s feet to stay on the board while riding over a lot of bumps or carving. Not only that but concave boards also give the rider less flat surface area. Indeed. People who prefer more flat area would be more comfortable on a flat board. After all, flat boards are ideal for long rides on relatively flat surfaces. Some longboards are also convex. However, this is rare.
For most types of riding, would be buyers should consider concave boards. For those who are interested in long relaxed rides, flat boards are the perfect option. Convex boards are interesting and unique. However, they shouldn’t be a buyer’s first option because there are more important  factors that you should take account .


Another important aspect of a longboard. The problem is in representing the flexibility in a specification. If you shop offline, this won’t be a problem. After all, you can test-ride the board to measure the flexibility for yourself. If you shop online, however, it is a problem as you can’t check the board’s flexibility. Since there is no numerical value that is associated with flexibility, it may be difficult to know exactly how flexible a longboard is. To cope with this, a buyer has to make sure to check how the flexibility is described by the manufacturer. Or, he can ask the seller to describe the flexibility in detail.
The more flexible boards are ideal for going over bumps and down curbs. They also provide a very smooth ride. On the other hand, the stiff boards, are not as proficient in handling bumps. They are great at providing the rider control when going down a steep hill.

Longboard wheels

The wheels that the longboard comes equipped with are quite important. There are two factors to consider when choosing the wheels. The first is the size of the wheels. The second is their hardness.
The size of the wheels is determined largely by the amount of downhill skating that the rider will be doing. If a rider is planning to do a lot of downhill skating, he should go for the skinnier, taller wheels. On the other hand, if a rider is planning to cruise, he should go for the more cylindrical, longer wheels.
In general, the average wheel widths range between 65mm and 70mm.
The wheel’s hardness is also quite important when you choose what you are going to buy. If you want something that is going to be able to grip the road, you’ll want softer wheels. The harder wheels may gain faster speeds, but, they tend to slide. The wheel’s hardness is shown on a number scale. The average hardness is at 78a. The higher numbers are considered as hard. The lower numbers are considered as soft.
If you are a beginner rider, it’ll be best for you if you choose a board with average wheel width and hardness. Once you get accustomed to skating and knowing what you want, the wheels can be replaced easily, with harder or softer, thinner or thicker wheels.


Longboard trucks

If you want to buy one, it is important for you to make sure that you buy a longboard that has very high-quality trucks on it. The trucks serve as the intermediate between the board and the wheel. Thus, are vital to the performance of the board. Moreover, poor quality trucks can also be dangerous to the rider.


There are two ways that you can shop, That is, online and offline. The advantage of doing it offline is that you can test-ride the longboard before you make any purchasing decision. On the other hand, doing it online can give you the ability to customize the board. You’ll get the competitive price as well. Indeed. Thanks to the vastness of the Internet, it’ll be easy for you to get exactly what you want and you can read lots of detailed reviews like the ones that you can find here!
Of course, there is no such a thing as a one-size-fits-all option in shopping. That is simply because every rider has their needs, style, and taste. You are the one who has to decide which will suit you best. However, you need not do it alone. You can use the knowledge we share with you here. Indeed, you can use them as a guide. If you do so, it’ll be easier for you to find the best longboard for you by reading our reviews.


Longboards can be an excellent mode of transportation. It allows you to adapt and mesh with the skater culture. Not only that, but longboarding  is also a fun and exciting hobby as well as a viable form of exercise.
Buying and selecting the best longboard is not as easy as it may seem. But, it is certainly not overly difficult. Especially, if a buyer knows what kind of skating he wants to do. And, if he has a basic knowledge of  parts, as we mentioned above. By using that knowledge and doing some research, you can locate and purchase the longboards that meet your needs.