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Meet TheLongBoarderz team

The human body possesses the capabilities of doing great wondrous things. Different people excel in different areas, in different sports, in different categories. With the right information and the precise guidance, anyone can learn what seems to be impossible. Longboarding is an art that although requires a lot of training to get good at, it would be even longer and harder to learn if you are not directed accurately. We @ TheLongBoarderz.com are here at your disposal to provide you with every inch of detail that you might be needing and reviews about our tested boards. Tons of reviews!

Long story short, we are a group of passionate both amateur & professional longboarders reviewing longboards in order to help buyers with their choice! So what are you waiting for? Go to the reviews!

This is us!



Jeremy, Steve and the lovely (this is me hehe) Samantha 🙂

If you need anything to ask, comment, improvement to website or just need to chat and some love you can find us on social media or you can contact us directly via e-mail.

Happy longboarding!