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Atom 41-Inch Drop Deck Longboard Review

With Atom Longboards, you should always feel safe and convenience. After all, the company has gained its good name and reputation from making high-quality longboards. Whether you choose the shorter variants or the longer one, be sure that they will be able to give you satisfaction and ease of use.

About the Drop Atom Deck Longboard

This one is a bit longer – with the 41-inch total length – for an improved balance and usage. Not to mention that the price is right. The original price is OK, but when you buy from Amazon, you can expect another generous price cut up to 13%. Not so bad for such a good-quality longboard, eh?

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch) review

When compared to other longboards, this variant is a bit lower, but such thing is designed for a reason. The low deck stance will improve stability and balance so you can still enjoy the board while speeding up. Even when you are doing a downhill carving or bombing hill, this one won’t disappoint you. There is no need that you will suddenly lose balance because there is no such thing as that. The board also comes with an easy push so you can use it for commuting. Traveling long distance won’t be a problem and cruising lazily on the street will be highly enjoyable and fun. The board is made from maple laminate deck, packed with RKP (Reverse King Pin) 245 mm axles trucks. You can also enjoy the one-year warranty in case you get the defect item.

This variant is referred to as the down to earth because of the low deck configuration. The increased stability is a good thing for increased speed or going down the hill. Even if you only want to use the board to cruise around the campus or the neighborhood, it won’t create any problem. Controlling the movement should be a breeze, especially when making turns. However, be wary about the weight as it weighs around 10 pounds, which makes this board heavier when compared to the other longboards from other types and brands.

Reviews and Feedbacks

If you check the comment and review sections, you will see various opinions and comments. Most of them are quite positive, though, so you can seriously consider this board in your possession. A lot of college students buy this board to help them to move from one building to another around the campus. College students are given a lot of options about their transportation options and a lot of them choose the board. The primary reason is the easy handle and carry. Just like the skateboard, you can always carry the board easily (although you may be carrying it like a surfboard because of the length). When you use the bike, for instance, you won’t be able to do such thing.

On the positive sides, the longboard seems to get a positive attention as it stands out among the others. The design is artistic and beautiful, and most people say good things about it. The deck design is solid and tough, and no matter how bad it has been beaten up, it remains solid. Most of the users say that they only need to spend a good two hours – 3 hours top – to master the board and surprisingly, they can manage to control their balance very well. That’s why this board is also recommended for beginner users.

For a few months, the board feels smooth but after a while, it gets coarse, and you can feel the bearings when they roll. The quality of the grip tape isn’t as good as expected as it crusts off little by little. Don’t be surprised to hear a screeching noise from the pivot cups. However, if you can replace the bearings and you can lubricate the pivot cups, you can get an improved comfort and experience from the board.

As the conclusion, this board may not be perfect, but it does have its positive elements and factors. Not to mention that it also comes with a good pricing. Depending on your needs and your personal preference, you can add this board to your wish list. If you want to consider your options, you can always get additional components or spare parts from other suppliers and make a quick change and replacement. It won’t take hours or days. Even making adjustments will be easy.

In the end, you can make a smart and wise option whether you want to spend your money for more expensive items, or you want to do small changes and have a great time with it.

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Atom 39-Inch Drop Deck Longboard Review

Choosing the reliable longboard can be overwhelming. You expect a flexible board that can deliver a satisfying result. But you also need to make several compromises when it comes to the quality and the accompanying parts. If you want to choose a reliable board that won’t disappoint anyone, you can consider this variant of longboard from Atom.

The Major Functions of the Longboard

Unlike its previous brother, the skateboard, the longboard is designed to improve better balance which will lead to a better usage and function. The skateboard is designed for tricks, so it should be light with high flexibility. Using the skateboard for flipping or other maneuvers is possible. However, if you want a board to cruise the road comfortably without having to worry about the speed or the tricks, you should choose the longboard.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard review

As the name suggests, the longboard has a longer length when compared to the conventional and traditional skateboard. However, because it has a longer deck, it has a wider deck for improved stance and foot placement. In the end, balance is improved without compromising flexibility and stability. You can use the board for cruising but making turns, speeding up, or bombing down the hill is still possible – as long as you choose the right board.

Just like the skateboards, the longboards also come with various features, types, and designs. Some longboards are designed for original and leisure cruising down the street while the others may be used for bombing and carving. Some are designed with a lower stance so they will resemble the skateboards but then again, you can always differentiate the longboards because they have bigger and longer design and shape. Lately, the longboards are designed for leisure and relaxed sports, so it is pretty reasonable if it gains increasing popularity over the last few years.

The Specialty of Drop Atom Deck Longboard

This special variant from Atom comes with a nice length; 39-inch in total. For some people, having a deck not reaching 40-inch is considered (mind you that different people have their different preferences). The price is pretty reasonable considering the solid construction and the high functionality.

This board is designed from maple laminate wood with the interesting graphic to increase its appeal. It looks simple and yet highly stunning and classy. The accompany components include Reverse King pin 180mm 50 degrees base hangers, 70mm Atom AREA 51 78A SHS 51 mm wheels, high-speed Abec-9 lubricant bearings, and 46 grit coarse grip. The grip tape is designed to have an improved look and usability so you won’t experience slip or fall.

When compared to many of the same products from Atom, this one is slightly smaller and shorter, but Atom does it for a reason. The small deck and light design are meant to improve cruising experience so it will run faster as well as increase the bombing experience. Not to mention that there are a foot pocket and aggressive concave styles that will keep you stay on place. At the same time, the low height of the deck will improve stability. Whenever you have to push, you can do it quickly and effortlessly.

Users’ Experience and Feedbacks

From many accounts of the users, it seems that they use the board for different reasons and occasions. Some are used by older adults so they can keep up with their kids while some college students are using the board to cruise around their campus. From their comments, it is evident that they are completely satisfied with the board. Many of them aren’t used to riding the skateboards; they have never even tried it, but they have no problems using and controlling the longboard.

A lot of them like the sturdy construction and the make quality. Some of them have been using the board on different surface – some on concrete and some on asphalt – and the board delivers a satisfying outcome.

However, it is a good thing that users can make an adjustment to the bearings, trucks, and wheels as different people have different expectations. Some say that the nuts are too tight while others say that they are too loose. The design of the longboard won’t give you any trouble when you want to make a replacement. Some users say that they buy other wheels or bearings and then replace the original ones with the new replacement. It doesn’t mean that the original components aren’t good; you are given the freedom to choose and replace the parts that you want easily.

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Atom Pintail Longboard Review

Knowing there are some crucial elements we should take a look we already prepared you the Atom Pintail Longboard that you can buy on Amazon. This longboard type will have the right answer because all the perfect features will be on this skateboard. The first feature we can get is that the 65mm / 78A Urethane Wheels.
Sure looking back at the perfect criteria of the wheels these longboard wheels are the smart choice you have. This Atom Pintail is a good idea when you are a beginner and sure don’t want to do some custom thing with your skateboard. So that’s why buying the complete design of a skateboard will help you a lot.

Atom Pintail Longboard review


With only a cheap price with free shipping, you will bring this baby home. The classic pintail on it will also make this performance as good as you can imagine it. You know that it is something important to check out the design because a skateboard designed with its purpose. So make sure you match it with the track you will face and check them out carefully.
The classic design of the longboard deck in this Atom Pintail will help you to avoid wheel bite. Sure when you play skateboard this is the kind of accident you don’t want to face, right? Along with the perfect features, this skateboard also has a cool design underneath. The print design is so perfect so that you don’t need to modify anymore.
After all, this is the purpose in buying the complete design of a skateboard, right? To avoid spending too much money, you need to buy one perfect package of the skateboard. Besides, doing custom is not recommended for the beginner. It needs some accurate measure and skill to make your skateboard sliding perfectly on the street.
The point is it is something smart to buy the complete design of the skateboard but checking out the elements such as longboard wheels will be needed in this activity. It is to prevent some trouble that may come if you buy the wrong one.

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The Best Features on Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard Review

If we are talking about the longboard type of skateboard deck, we will never find the ending. Well, this is because skateboarding is one of the fun things we can do. Besides, people can make it as a safe transportation, right? So that’s why it feels like we can’t get enough to talk about it.
And speaking about the skateboard deck, as a skateboarder, we should know the various size of the deck to make sure that our weight will suit perfectly. Well, it can’t be denied that we need to do this so we won’t get any trouble while we are skateboarding. And have you known various sizes of the deck? If you’re not, you better check this one out.

The sizes of skateboard you should know

Before we are going to talk about the longboard type, we should take a look first about the standard size of the skateboard deck. It’s true that there are some various types of sizes which are important to find out. The first one is the full-size deck.
The full-size deck commonly has the size for about 7.5” or more. This is also used for skateboarder at the age over 13 years old. This is also being used to people with the shoe size of 9 or up. So basically this is the perfect size for teenagers. With this kind of size, you can get a perfect balance while you are sliding on the skateboard.
Another size is the micro one. This is actually for five years old. This has a size of deck width 6.5” until 6.75”. See? Skateboarding is not only for adults even children can taste the fun in sliding by the skateboard safely with the proper size and design.

Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard review

The skateboard with the longboard type

The longboard type of the skateboard deck type is the common skateboard people use to make it as transportation. Commonly the size of this type is more than 33”. This type of skateboard deck is also becoming popular by the time of the perfect design itself. Even for you who never try to skateboard before you can get along easily with this type of the skateboard.
There are three designs for the longboard type, they are a cruiser, downhill, and slalom. All the three of them are the common types of a longboard. What makes it more popular is because the deck is so soft and even softer than the shortboards type. And this is perfectly suitable for you as the smoother ride.

What product of longboard should I choose?

Lots of longboard product that you can choose out there. So what about in the Amazon? Do they have a perfect longboard skateboard with the complete design we can choose? The answer is yes. The Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard will be your right answer. The perfect longboard with amazing specifications from Atom 36-Inch will be your comfortable ride to go to school.
Well, the first feature we can get from this longboard is the full maple laminate deck. This will be the best material and design you can choose. With the strong and durable material sure we can make this longboard as our safest transportation and get shorter time to go school. Then the second thing is the Wide-Lip 70x51mm super high rebound (SHR) urethane wheels.
These wheels are going to be the best wheels you can pick for your perfect skateboarding time. For a longboard skateboard type, this wheel is suitable to make such as smooth ride for you. Along with the high-quality 80S grip tape, you can get the smoothest skateboarding ever.
You must believe that good thing is not always coming with the high price. This longboard skateboard will have the most affordable price ever. With only a cheap price you can bring it home immediately with the two-day shipping from Amazon.
For you who don’t have any idea what kind of gift you should give for your son’s birthday maybe this perfect longboard will answer your question. You know skateboard is one of the superb presents you can pick to make your son happy. Besides, you don’t need to worry about the safety of this skateboard because it is safe for your children.
Having a good time with skateboarding with the longboard type is such a fun time, but you need always to put safety first. Buy some additional safety such as helmet to protect yourself while you are skateboarding. Sure you don’t want to have an accident, right? So be safe!

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Atom Drop-Through Longboard 41 inches Review

Have you ever think about the similarity between surfing and playing skateboard or longboard? The three of them are doing the same concept. Although the surfing is different from the longboarding and skateboarding, those sports are done on the board to pass each field. When people do surfing, they have to be able following the rhythm of the wave, to get stable on the surfing board. The amateur could think that surfing is quite simple, but is not. The surfer should have good stability to ride on.
It is just the same with the skateboarding or longboarding. To be able passing the road, the downhill, avoiding the obstacles before them, they should be flexible in controlling the board. To support the technique of doing those sports, a good companion which is the board itself should be quality enough. Hence, particularly, I am going to review one of the longboard series by Atom, the Atom drop-through longboard 41 inches.

Atom drop through longboard review


The design of the board includes two main things. There are the feature and the appearance. The design, of course, is the first thing people see when reviewing a certain longboard. It is because besides of the technique, design of the longboard is the absolute influence for the performance. You cannot deny that cheap material gives the cheap performance.
The material used for the board is full maple laminate deck. In many former longboards that were offered in the market, this material is very popular for its strength and durability. It has King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks with 245 mm axles. The board size is 41.7 X 4.7 X 10.6 inches. The overall weight is 9 pounds. The wheels are made from the super high rebound (SHR) urethane in size 70 X 51 mm. And another feature is the ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant.
The appearance of the longboard itself, I think is quite flexible for any longboarder with different tastes. The general design is shown through the color which is dominated by black. Then, the center of focus is on the dynamical image which is available only in green and white. Is it quite simple, right? Hence I said that the design is quite flexible for longboarders with any taste background.

About the performance

By checking the performance, there are several things I can conclude from this product. Firstly is the stability of the board. This board is stable because it is built with the low center of gravity. The longboard with this feature will have quite short distance from the ground. Therefore, it is very stable to control. The second, it is very smooth to ride on. For any road condition, especially the rough surface or downhill, it is very smooth.  Next, if you ask about the speed, I will give nine from the scale 10. You will experience your adrenaline is challenged by such speed performance, particularly when you are riding it on the downhill.


Despite the performance and material’s quality, there is a thing that is quite disturbing from this product. The turning radius for the Atom drop through longboard 41 inches is not supportive. Therefore, you should find your method to control it when you come to the turning points on the way.


In short, from the scale 1 to 10, I will give 9.5. Therefore, this product can be put on your candidate list.  Meanwhile, regarding the look, honestly, I say that it is too simple. It seems that the cost is cut from the appearance design that is suppressed. It should not influence you from purchasing this product because it is well paid by the performance and the affordable cost.
The durability of the board is considerably very nice, seeing the material for the features. Based on customer reviews, I can summarize that the boards are satisfying. There is no significant lacking for this board. Even though some people say that the weight is a bit burden, it will disappear once you ride it on.
Generally speaking, it is quite unexpected when you know with the board’s cost; you can get such a good performance of this longboard series. You can ignore the lack which is on the turning radius by training with the board regularly.

Atom drop through longboard review

The Unique Atom Drop 40-Inch Longboard

If you think that all skateboards are the same, you may want to think again. With the longboard, however, you will have a different experience and feel. The shape may be similar to the old-school and traditional skateboard, but the size is longer. You also need to consider the weight, balance, and construction so you can use the longboard with joy and comfort. But really, such board is unique and fun.

Atom drop longboard review

Some longboards have been sold and distributed through the Amazon so make sure that you have done your research. Check the whole composition and construction so you can choose the best item from the best manufacturer. Some of the products stand out from the others simply because of their good looks and their high-quality craftsmanship. One of them is the Atom Drop Through Longboard.

About the Longboard

It is easy to see why a lot of people are falling in love with the longboard. If you are into skateboards so much, and yet you want to add a bit of adventure and challenge into your ride, the longboard can do it. The shape is unique. As the name suggests, it is longer than the conventional skateboard. The way to ride it is almost the same as riding a skateboard, but if you think that everything is the same, you may want to reconsider.

This Atom Drop variant has its natural appeal and beauty. It is made from a bamboo hybrid material with laminate cover and transfer photo heat graphic. If you don’t like the bamboo, you can always choose the one made from maple. It comes with drone navigator trucks with 180mm hangers and 40-degree base. The wheels are selected from among the high-quality products with Atom AREA 51 and 51 mm width and 70 mm diameter SHR. It has coarse grip 46 grit with high-speed ABEC 9 bearings lubricant.

Atom drop through longboard review

When you decide to buy the board from Amazon, you don’t need to spend more than the other styles. Only order one and you can enjoy a free shipping offer. Quite a good bargain, don’t you think?

The Product Development

Atom has produced the longboard for several years. They initially had made the 41 inches of longboard, and it was a huge hit. In the past year, they asked their customers about their experience with the longboards to improve their service and product’s quality. Most of the customers answered that it would be nice to have maple or bamboo hybrid from the deck with a concave feature and a wider stance for the foot. And now, Atom is delivering a new product that is made exactly what their customers want. The overall design is simple and yet attractive with interesting graphic and unique construction. Will the board deliver the same enjoyment and satisfaction as the original product? You can be sure about it.

The Good and Bad

There are definitely a lot of things to like about this longboard, such as:
•    It is made from bamboo, so it is pretty flexible. When most buyers use this longboard, they have no problems dealing with the debris or cracks on the road – such thing doesn’t affect the performance and the comfort of the longboard at all.
•    Thanks to the bigger wheels, using the longboards feel so stable and comfortable. Everyone can cruise down the street nicely and comfortably.
•    The deck has this shiny and smooth construction, but it is pretty rough. The grip tape located on the surface of the board is pretty rough so you won’t have to worry about falling or slipping. Some users claim that it is the roughest tape grip they have ever experienced.

However, some of the downsides include:
•    The material. Sure, it is made from bamboo which gives the board its flexibility. But bamboo is somehow a bit weaker when compared to the maple. Some users have experienced bust and dent with the bamboo board, forcing them to be more careful.
•    The bushing is quite stiff. This can be difficult to control and steer. Some users have to unscrew the kingpin so it is more flexible and can be finally steered. It would be nice if Atom can pay attention to some of these downsides and do something to fix them all. The board is very nice, so it would be too bad if the disadvantages are becoming the major issues.