Best Longboard for Girls

The unique art of taking a ride on any type of longboard is called longboarding. Longboards are well-known to the entire global world by the offering of its facilities like down the hill racing, with a characteristic speed of round about greater than 60 mph. Durability and stable traction are the other advantages that a longboard offers. The only difference between a longboard and a skateboard lies in the variability of their color, dimensions, etc.
After passing through several years of evolution, longboarding has become an accessible and easy-to-adopt sport, by having no discrimination for age, color, sect and other factors. These things don’t possess a single piece of importance for determining the charisma of longboarding.
Even, in this age of globalization, some people still follow conservative ideas and are not for any girl performing skating. Off course, such type of filthy thinking has no place in the prestigious world of the art of skating & longboarding.

There is no denying the fact that this modern age is showing an ascending increase in the number of lady skaters. Furthermore, they are adopting it as a profession, which shows the real able potential of girls to do anything possible.
So girls, if you are in for providing your body a dose of energetic vibe, then you must give longboarding an opportunity. These days, the companies are making and giving designs to their longboards by the girls’ choices. No matter, if you have just made your way to high school, or any college or university, to keep the ball rolling, try it. Because the statistics reflect the increasing trend of some ladies being attracted to this sport.
Below is the list of the best possible five longboards for girls to try:


Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo:

Quest rorshark bamboo longboard reviewThis is truly a state-of-the-art act in its making and shape. Amalgamation of many small things on this longboard illuminates the passion and hardworking of its manufacturer. The quality of the manufacturing material has been kept extremely high i.e. Maple, to provide it a high stability.
The 7-inch trucks made of aluminum mounted on wheels of 70 mm provide it an additional support. The core function of both trucks & wheels is to provide assistance in absorbing heavy weights and high-magnitude force to prevent it from distortion.
The main advantage of this longboard is in the form of its availability for uses of all ages. Durability is also a key character in it. Absolutely! Not less than a heaven for a beginner girl.

Atom Pintail Longboard, 9.4 x 39.0-Inch:

Atom Pintail Longboard reviewGirls in the beginning stage must give it their first preference owing to its design and purpose of construction. Based on the principle “Simple but charming.” The designer has given it a combination of many clear and appealing colors i.e. orange with yellow.
Dimensions of 9.6” * 39” have provided it with strength. Extremely rebounding wheels of 64 mm are another prominent feature of it. For rugged roads and in hilly areas, it offers excellent performance. Plane finishing comes owing to the high-quality Maple material. People having nil to great experience can give it a try.

Atom Drop through Longboard:

Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard reviewSkaters and rider of entry stage should make it their number one preference. Means it can get the done for beginners. Stability is provided because of its small surface contact, so it is preferred for downhill movement. Wheel bite is reduced by extensive leverage of 9.6” and stable facility for riding is due to 8.5 “truck of aluminum material. Anyone in general, or any girl in particular, searching for the best longboard to try for the first time should arrive at the decision of buying it.

YOCAHER New Complete Longboard KICKTAIL 70’s:

YOCAHER New Complete Longboard KICKTAIL 70's reviewThis brand has included numerous great designs and dimensions to their arsenal. It offers significant advantages in the form of speed, great ride, stability and sharp turning. And for a leisurely downhill longboarding & cruising. In short, you can easily bet on its ease for the starters.

Arbor Catalyst Grip Tape Top sheet Longboard:

Arbor Catalyst Grip Tape Top sheet LongboardIt includes a 70 mm arbor with 78a dimension wheels. The package also includes spacers with a set of 5 bearings. 180 Paris trucks are also provided.
Both wheels and trucks can be available in different shapes.


Although many readers might not agree with me, the girls should keep the following important things in their minds while longboarding.

  • Say NO to Shorts:-
    I don’t see any sense in wearing shorts while longboarding. Repeated mistakes are a source of itching, and they must be avoided. Having being aware of the disastrous consequences of going on longboarding without proper protection, and still not following the safety rules is not the smartest thing at all!
    With following the rules of safety, more boards will break but no more bodies.
  • You have your own board:
    This thing should also be thrown out of the mind. Because it’s a fact that longboards are available in different dimensions, colors, and shapes. But anyone having a proper sense of using can utilize them. So, the girls should not feel isolated in this regard.
  • Winning Prizes may Vary from Men:-
    Girls should keep this thing in mind that they can’t compete with men professionally. Because men become champions after so many races, or you can say after severe “Blood, sweat & tears” while girls can compete only among a handful of competitors. So instead of complaining about cash, become a role model for others.


Girls should not feel futile in this sport and come forward for their betterment. But only on a condition, that the longboard should match with the skater’s body, preference and using style. Going for any of the options described above will prove fruitful to the girls.

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