A Quick Summery of Longboards

History of Longboards:-

That particular art first gained attention in the 1950s. Hawaiian surfers are considered to be their “idea generators” when they thought of using them for surfing on land where the waves were too shallow. In this way, skateboards got customized.
Longboards first remained to be the top attraction for people with ample time i.e. only as a hobby work. It was then only used by employing kryptonic wheels or skating type roller wheels.
Here, the internet should have to be given credits regarding allowing the people from different parts of the world to communicate at one place related to the recent developments in this art of longboarding.

Taking a ride on any longboard is referred to as longboarding, known for its ability to provide facilities regarding competition races down the hill, in which some rides eventually gain the speed of approximately 49 miles per hour. The only difference between a longboard and a skateboard lies in the variability of its dimensions and shape. Simultaneously, longboarding offers the advantages of stable traction and extreme durability owing to the larger dimensions of the wheel and thin types of wheel durometers ( a measure of the hardness of material).
Similar to many types of skateboards, longboards offer ease by using axles, or you can say the wheels, comprising variable dimensions of geometry. All of these variable parameters have contributed to give longboards a new type of evolutionary criteria. The ability that the longboard’s angles provide can help in a positive way to turn them and consequently maintaining speeds for longer intervals of time.

Dimensions of a Longboard:-

As the name suggests, a longboard is longer than a typical skateboard. A penny board is that type of skateboard which is 22 inches more in length than a normal person’s height. The resin of plastic was first employed in its manufacturing. Now in modern days, there is not much difference in longboards and skateboards. The only way to distinguish them is by their use now. Longboards of length ranging from 33 to 35 inches show a sudden change in speed trend. These days, markets sell longboards with dimensions ranging from 32-60 inches, preferably.
Longboard Uses:-


Most common use of longboards in now transportation. These are equipped with a loose truck to provide the ease of sharp & sudden turns. Standard dimension is 24-35inches. Large wheels serve the purpose to provide greater momentum while maintaining the speed.

For Freeriding:-

Freeriding can be done by keeping medium to heavy speeds. Sliding is served by decks which are pre-attached at both ends. Freeriding can best be done by setting the dimensions to 36 to 44 inches in length and at the same time, keeping width from 9 to 11 inches.

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Buying Guidelines with the Right Longboard Wheels Criteria

Talking about the longboard sure we need to acknowledge ourselves with so many information to make us easier in doing a skateboarding and of course in a safety way. It is true that without knowing well about skateboard world, you will find some trouble that you don’t want to face in the first place. For example, we should know how to choose the right longboard wheels so we can get the safest and the perfect skateboarding time.
It is true that wheels are becoming the crucial part of the skateboard. So that’s why according to this reason we should know how to pick the right longboard wheels. Once we knew about it, we won’t face any trouble while we are skateboarding. It is a simple thing to do to choose the right wheels for a longboard type. How is that so? Let’s take a look together!

Tricks in how to pick the right longboard wheels

In buying the right longboard wheels, we need to make sure for several things to have with. You need to know as the crucial part of the skateboard wheels should have been the first thing to get any special attention. We were already preparing some important parts in choosing the right wheels you should know.
•    The first one is about the diameter
There are two types of sizes from the longboard wheels diameter you should be aware. The first one is 54-59mm. This is suitable for beginners and bigger riders. This is also perfect for skateboarding on the street, park, bowls and vert ramps. So that’s why knowing your skateboarding track first will help you a lot in picking the best material of skateboard. Then next is the 60mm. This diameter is perfect for a rougher track such as downhill and dirt boards.
•    Get the right shape of wheels
There are several types of shape you should know in choosing the longboard wheels. They are a square edge; beveled edge rounded edge. Three of them have their specification so make sure you choose the right one.
•    Checking out the contact patch size
Simply can be said in this step we need to checking out the essential element in the longboard wheels. We need to check out the crucial part which made contact to the pavement. Knowing how important this part sure, you must check out correctly. If you have larger longboard wheels , you must have a large contact patch also.

Longboard decks

There are several types of skateboard deck you should know. By knowing the type of deck, you will get easier to find the perfect one for you. It is also another aspect you can rely on to do skateboarding in a certain place. You know that it is something important to match the skateboarding with the skateboard deck type so you won’t get any trouble when you’re doing your performance.
In choosing the skateboard deck you know also that there are some types of features, you need to know also. And it will make you easier to find the best one. One thing you should remember before buying a skate is to make sure you know how much the height you are, and you can match it with your skateboard. You know when you can match your height with the size of the deck you can do a skateboarding easily.

Longboard decks

What we should know about the longboard skateboard deck type

First of all the longboard is one of the skateboard deck types you can choose. It is used not for a professional one with doing some tricks whenever they play skateboard. This skateboard deck type is more for transportation. You know for some reasons skateboarding is such a good transportation when you want to go somewhere not so far.
The longboard has some specification you should know. So you will not get confused with another type of skateboard decks. It has a symmetrical size which is very suitable for a street track. The longboard type is also sitting lower on the ground, so that’s why this is a perfect skate for you who want to use it as transportation.
What makes it more interesting for the longboard type is that it has wheel cutouts type. With this type of design, you can allow larger wheels to be used for this skateboard deck. And the other words you can do some custom activity for this skateboard deck easily because it is already designed for you to modify this easily.