eightbit drop down longboard review

Eightbit Drop Down Complete Longboard

Just like the skateboards, there are so many different variants and types for the longboards. If you are bored with your regular skateboards, you can always try the longboards and see whether it works well for you. A longboard shares the similar features with a skateboard. But as the name suggests, it has a longer construction. In some cases, the longboards are longer, wider, and heavier. No, it won’t be massive, but it will feel heavier when you have to carry it around.

About the Eightbit Drop Down

If you expect a longboard that is agile and very responsive to maneuver and steer, you will love this type. This type of longboard can be used for cruising down the street comfortable or even speeding up. When other longboards aren’t so easy to turn because of their bigger turning radius, you won’t find such problem with this one. Not to mention that this board from Eightbit comes with very natural and simple design – perfect for those who don’t want to have gregarious or too extravagant styling. Even with a simple design, you can stand out from the others.

eightbit drop down longboard review

This 41-inch longboard is originally sold for around the range of two hundred bucks, but if you buy one from Amazon, not only you can enjoy the free shipping offer, you can also buy it for one hundred less. Not a bad deal, right? You can save a lot of money and still be able to enjoy the classic and natural board. The design has a solid feel, and it somewhat looks sturdy. If you want to show off your board without making a great fuss, this is the ideal board to do so.

As it was said before, this board is ideal for road exploration, but it is mainly great for carving, commuting, and relaxed cruising. Thanks to the drop down construction and flat deck design, it has a lowered center of gravity, allowing you to have better stability and control. With a total dimension of 41.25 x 9.75 inch, this 8-ply maple deck has a shiny laminated coat to protect the surface. It also comes with heavy duty seven bearings ABEC and aluminum electrostatic coated 180mm trucks for a better ride. You can also enjoy 1-year warranty from the company, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. No need to assemble anything because it has been entirely done. You only need to open the packaging wrap and enjoy the cruise.

There is something nice about exploring around with this 41-inch longboard. The low deck design will deliver a more enjoyable experience. Not only you can explore around quickly, but you can also have a better control for push off, turn, and stability. Because it has a better push off feature, you won’t have to worry about any fatigue or strain to your feet. The total dimension is 9.8 x 4.5 x 41.2 inches with the total weight around 7.7 pounds. It feels solid. It feels right. It feels like a true board – not the flimsy one. For a quality like this, spending that much money won’t be a big deal.

Feedbacks and Opinions

Most people who have bought the board say that they are truly satisfied with the board. They like the overall design. They like the feature, especially the low deck stance. Some even claim that the longboard is fantastic when used to go down the hill (mind you that most longboards can’t be used for such purpose) and do tight a turn. Some even say that the board has the similar feel like the regular skateboard only with a better balance and feel. They even forget that they are using the longboards, not the skateboards. Since the board has better control, operating it feels nice and enjoyable. Most of the users say that the board has such a beautiful design with fun riding experience.

Of course, there are some things that Eightbit can fix their product. Some users say that the front wheels are a bit squeaky, and they don’t spin as well as the back. Although they can fix the issue with their specialized skate tool, it ‘d be good if the manufacturer can consider this from the beginning. The bearings can be inconsistent too. Sure, you can buy a new one and replace it, but again, it would be great if Eightbit can do something about it.