Find out the best longboard trucks

Skateboarding is a delicate art. Even though it is practiced mainly by the teenage generation, most professionals rely on technique and experience to perfect it.  However, there are different types of skateboarding that vary based on the board used. One such method is longboarding. Longboards get their name based on the size of the board which is usually longer than the standard skateboard. This allows for more speed and control due to the precise aerodynamics of the board and their wheel size. Longboards are usually used for downhill racing, cruising, transport, etc. longboards, as with all skateboards have different components which are vital and aid in the functioning of the board. One such component is the longboard truck. This is the component that connects the board to the wheels. It is vital that this is the adequate size and function. Longboard trucks come in pairs or two parts. One for the two front wheels and one for the two back wheels. Before we get to the best long boards, it is vital to understand the different parts included in the longboard trucks. The most important parts to focus on in longboard trucks are as follows.


The baseplate is the uppermost component of the long board trucks. It’s the mechanic that connects the deck of the main longboard to the longboard truck. It is vital that is be of the required strength and dimensions. This is ideally designed so that it provides the pressure of equal proportion. The mounting is done by the use of screws or by using mounting holes ranging from anywhere between 4 to 6 holes.  Another vital factor when it comes to the baseplate is the angle of it. This drastically affects the way in which the truck turns. Trucks which have a small degree angle are more suited towards fast riding such as downhill racing. Hence this has to be looked at when choosing the best longboard trucks.


This is the primary component that holds everything together when it comes to longboard trucks. The kingpin is in essence just a huge pin towards the top of the longboard truck that holds all the other components. One of the most attractive aspects of a kingpin is the cost. It costs extremely little and is easily replaceable. The main difference when it comes to the kingpins is the location of it in a longboard truck. There are two primary locations in which this is placed. Namely the standard kingpin and reverse kingpin.
Bushings are what provides the needed cushion in longboard trucks between the parts. There are two main bushings which are different according to the hardness of them. Its main function is to effect the way in which it reacts to the rider. When the bushing is hard, the rider must put more effort to turn. If the rider prefers a smooth turn or more responsiveness, they should opt for softer bushings.


The hanger is the component which attaches the wheels to the truck. This is an aluminum alloy. When doing advance tricks sucks as rail grinds the hanger is what connects to the rail.


This is the only optimal component. Risers are mainly used to make adjustments to the height of the longboard truck about the ground. It is easy to install and relatively cheaper than the other components.

If you need you can get reverse kingpin trucks which have an angle of 50 degrees. With that in mind, let’s get down to business. Here are the best longboard trucks for the components mentioned above.

Top 5 longboard trucks

1. Gullwing Sidewinder 2 trucks

The gullwing sidewinder is special in the sense it features a double kingpin design. This allows the longboard truck to dominate when it comes to carving. This is made by the famous gullwing company known for their superior quality. The trucks are relatively small using only four screws. This gives a sense of almost snowboarding or surfing which makes it one of the best longboard trucks.Gullwing Sidewinder 2 trucks

2. Paris 180mm 50 degree RKP truck

This comes from the reputed manufacturer Paris and is one of their high-end options. It is one of the most popular trucks in the world. The hanger makes it very responsive and is capable of making the best turns. It also has great bushing which allows for good control of vibration. However one of the most unexpected perks of the Paris is that it comes with lifetime warranty. Which means you never have to worry about any defects or value for money.Paris 180mm 50 degree RKP truck

3. Yocaher longboard trucks

Also one of the more popular ones, this comes with a vast selection of wheels and other components. The customizable aspect is what’s attractive about this which makes it one of the best longboard trucks around. Another favorable aspect is the price which is extremely affordable and is good value for money.Yocaher longboard trucks

4. Bear grizzly 852 trucks

This is not only one of the best longboard trucks around, but it is also one of the unique and different ones. The design is innovative such that it could be placed in more ways than one. One orientation is ideal for speed and downhill racing while the other is ideal for carving and responsiveness.Bear grizzly 852 trucks

5. Caliber trucks 50 degree RKP longboard trucks

These trucks are known for the amazing durability and are made of the best aluminum. Caliber trucks have a great customer satisfaction rating through the years and are sure to please you. What makes this some of the best logbooks trucks around is that it is one of the leading downhill trucks available.Caliber trucks 50 degree RKP longboard trucks


As shown above, these are the best longboard trucks available in the market. What you should do is the first look at the components listen and choose what kind of components suit you best. And based on that you need to select the best longboard truck out of the ones given above.