Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard review img

Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard Review

Choosing the right longboard can be problematic mostly because there are so many different variants out there, and you don’t know where to begin. Keep in mind that there are different brands with different styles and designs, created to deliver different purpose too. So be sure that you know what you want from a longboard before you can proceed to the choosing stage.

The Functionality of a Longboard

You can say that the longboard is the further development and improvement from a skateboard although there are unique specifications about the board. Skateboards are designed to help people move around easily. Unlike the bike, you somehow gain a better freedom and flexibility with the skateboard. You can control the board with the whole body and feet movement and then you can always carry it around when it is not in used. Sounds like a convenient and pleasant means of transportation for your favor, right?

Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard review

The biggest problem with the skateboard is the balance. The small and narrow deck isn’t for everyone. You need to have a good balance to be able to stand on the deck before you can use it for cruising or making tricks. Sometimes it even takes days to learn how to stand properly on the deck – which is problematic for most people. And then the longboard comes with its unique design and shape. As the name suggests, the board is longer, but it also comes with a bigger platform, offering a better balance and stability. Those who have problems controlling the skateboard don’t have the similar problem with the longboard. It is safe to say that longboards are mostly user-friendly – especially for the first timers who still get a hold on to their balance.

About Freestyle Krown Elite Longboard

And now, the longboard is available in various shapes and designs, and if this is your first time, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Among the many reliable and trusted names related to quality and good performance, Krown is known for their inexpensive products without compromising style and functionality. When you choose a Krown product, you can be sure that it will deliver a satisfying performance that only supports your convenience and comfort as a user.

This freestyle board is a bit smaller when compared to the other longboards from other brands and manufacturers. With total length around 36-inches in design, it is shorter than the standard 40 or 41-inch board. However, you also need to consider the price, which is relative cheap If you want to have a reliable board without compromising functionality and usage, this Krown item can be a great bargain.

After all, there are a lot of things to like about the overall design. It is made of the Canadian maple materials which are sturdy and solid. It may not be flexed enough, but it is pretty firm and solid – not to mention that it comes with 8-ply construction. With the freestyle dimension of 36 x 9.25 inch, the board is pretty compact. If you want to get the similar skateboard experience without having to deal with the real wobbly skateboarding operation, this is a good item to use. The supporting features are also good and nice. With 78A 71mm white wheels, reverse black 7-inch kingpin trucks, and black grip tape, the board is a beauty.

According to the manufacturer, the shape is specifically designed for those wanting to have a low center of gravity while looking for the increased speed. Thanks to the low center of gravity, the longboard is easier to mount and ride because of the improved stability and balance. Want to have an easier slide with it? You can do so.

Various Reviews and Feedbacks

A lot of users have positive reviews about this board. Most of them like the fact that it is a great board for sliding. Not to mention that the small deck improves the handle and control – as well as making it lighter too. The trucks are pretty okay – not great but okay.

However, it would be best if Krown can pay attention to some of the details, such as the fact that the grip tape easily wears off. The board can get nicked or dented easily while the wheels need improving. Sure, you can always replace the wheels with others but it would be nice if the manufacturer can improve the quality.

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Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard Review

We can’t leave you without giving you some suggestion in the longboard product if you need one to have some fun and play longboard. So we already choose you the Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard. This one is actually the best choice you can pick in the Amazon for some fun travels in town.


With the 9.25×41-inch you can definitely play skateboard with the best skateboard.

Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard review
With the strong bamboo/Canadian maple construction, the Krown Krex will help you to slide safely in the strong material. Like we said before that the material is becoming the number one element in buying the perfect skateboard. What makes this skateboard is also becoming the right choice is the freestyle design specially designated for you.
You know when a skateboarder is being a professional one a freestyle performance will make them even more amazing. With the freestyle shape, the Krown Krex will help you to get the maximum performance and getting easier in doing your skateboard performance. It sounds so amazing, right?
Along with the complete design, you won’t get any trouble to play skateboard. Well, sometimes we need to have a perfect skateboard with the cool design to support our performance. And with the complete longboard design, the Krown Krex will complete your action.

Sum up

Another important element in the Krown Krex is the white 71mm 78a wheels which are becoming the superb wheels to play skateboard. And even more, it has a special design with a clear grit over the top graphic. Well, it sounds so perfect for a longboard skateboard type, right?
So are you ready to slide and play skateboard?

Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard

For an athlete, when doing a competition, the performance is the main thing that people see. Therefore, technique and discipline need to be maintained for any athlete to be able staying in the industry. Therefore, the sports manufacturers produce high-quality sports equipment to support their performance. Without supportive equipment, it is impossible to reach maximum limit during the competition or training.
Sport does not only include physical activity. In certain sports, the art of doing the tricks is also important, for example in skateboarding or longboarding. Those sports need the skills to be able doing acrobatic movement and to be stable on the board. In this post, particularly I will talk about the thing related thing to longboard.

Known sunset city surf longboard review

Once again, there is another longboard product with unique design offered to satisfy longboarder with different tastes. This is the Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard manufactured by Crown. The board recently gains popularity, and many customers are satisfy with the product. Let’s not take too long for reviewing the board.

Performance and facilities

Once you see the longboard, you will get the main attraction of it. It has very distinctive appearance by the picture of a sunset on the board. The board itself has length of 46 inches and 7.5 pounds weight. The slender shape of the board looks very nice. Although it has no kick tail, this board is facilitated with the pin tail shape of the deck.
The eye-catching appearance of this product is impressed through the color gradation which looks very smooth. In a glance, it looks like realism painting on the longboard. The deck itself made from the Canadian maple deck. The Maple wood provides durability for the board.
The next feature owned by this longboard is 6-inch aluminum alloy truck. Furthermore, the turning ability of the board will make you able passing the turning points or narrow way. This board is completed with ABEC7 bearings, better than average on the same level regarding preciseness. With the 71 mm 78 A wheels, it is typical, with such systems the wheels will be able save even they are sun heat exposed.
The overall performance of the board is stable. It is supported with the longer dimension of the board. With such dimension, its ability in bearing the weight will be better. The other facilities like wheels quality, bearings, and wood are decent to be used on the rough road. The features of the board are commonly provided in the above levels of the competitors. Just like its wheels which are large, can give smooth riding.
For the longboarding beginner, although this board is bigger than the average, it does not influence the easiness of the use. With such deck and wheels material, using the board on the bumpy road will not affect the board’s performance. Meanwhile, I do not recommend you to use this one to be brought everywhere, seeing how big its size. Yes, regarding portability, this longboard may burden you. Still, if you are quite good playing the longboard, this board can alternate the transportation method.


Above all those benefits of this longboard, there are things you should consider about this product. The truck for the board needs to be loosened. Then, unexpectedly, with such quality of bearings and wheels, some customers say that after changing them, the riding quality is better. After the experiment of changing the wheels and bearings, the riding’s smooth improves. I think, if you are not satisfied enough with the wheels or bearings, you can change them to prove.


Based on overall performance and look, this longboard is good for the beginners and experts. There are always here and there things that are not satisfying enough for the customers. There is no absolute perfect product. The only matter is how you control the board and get benefit from the lacking.
The smoothness, stability, strength, and durability of Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard is nice to try. It is supported with the design on the deck which is attractive. Furthermore, regarding the price, you should not be vague to purchase. This board is considered affordable with such qualities.
Like the ratings from the customers, I think I will give the same scale for this product. From the 1 to 10 stars, I will give 8.9.

Pintail Longboard Skateboard from Krown

A skateboard can be used for cruising the street in such a cool fashion and doing tricks at the same time. However, when you need something that you can use in such a comfortable manner to explore around the street (and you don’t want to make tricks or jumps or whatsoever), then you should choose the longboard. Not many people are familiar with the longboard, especially since such design is pretty new. But if you want a better balance and enjoyment, the longboard can be a great option.

The Longboard from Krown

Over the past few years, there have been several products made by different manufacturers. Some of them share similar features while some may have the added comfort and feature. Among some of the best products and brands in the industry, the longboard from Krown should make into your wish list. Sure, you probably think that all longboards are the same, but they aren’t. Not to mention that they have different designs, features, and specifications.

Krown pintail longboard review

So, what makes this longboard distinct from the others? Well, this Krown maple longboard is pretty inexpensive. Who says you will always spend more than the range of $100 for a piece of a longboard? With the Krown longboard, you can spend less without compromising quality or look. It has an excellent performance with satisfying quality. It also comes with multi colors so you can choose your favorite design without having to limit your option.

This longboard is made from Canadian maple material with pintail shape. Its dimension is around 42 x 9 inches, so it is pretty wide and long. It also comes with 78s 65mm black wheels, 6 inches of silver trucks, and black grip tape. The primary color (the top surface) is wood with the grip tape black. It is 4 feet long, so it is pretty robust and sturdy.

Opinions and Feedbacks

There are some different opinions about the longboard, but most of them are pretty positive and good. For a starter, the longboard is very nice and surprisingly comfortable and easy to ride. If you think that you need to be able to ride a skateboard first, then you are wrong. A lot of users claim that they have never ridden a skateboard before, and yet they can ride the longboard perfectly well. Those who have ridden the skateboard even argue that their experience with the longboard is somewhat better and nicer because it feels more stable with stronger construction. When they are riding the skateboard, the small size and the flexible (some call it flimsy) design can be awkward for those who aren’t familiar with the whole thing. However, they don’t find such thing with the longboard.

The great thing about the Krown is that you can find yourself a longboard without spending a fortune. Some of the longboards are sold more than $100, claiming to have the best features, designs, etc. However, you don’t have to spend that much if you want to have an enjoyable riding experience. Simply buy the Krown and you can get the same fun moment. There are a lot of things people like about the product. The shipping time is quick, so you don’t have to wait for days. The design is great; some even say that they are surprised that their board looks even better than the picture on the web. The wheels can move and spin nicely with decent trucks quality. The board also feels solid and sturdy as it can accommodate different people with different weight.

Sure, the bearings and wheels are pretty standard but what can you expect for such price? But don’t worry; you can buy separate items and then replace the original ones. You will feel a drastic improvement on the board.

Things to Remember

You need to remember that longboards are designed for an improved comfort and cruising experience. If you want boards that can be used for doing tricks, a longboard isn’t the one that you want. Purchase a skateboard and you have solved your problem. However, if you want to be able to explore the road in a stable and convenient manner, the longboard is your best option. Don’t forget that it is okay to have a bigger turning radius. Remember your physics, the bigger the item is, the bigger the turning radius will be. It is entirely normal, and you shouldn’t forget about it.