Learn the Importance of Choosing Quality Longboard Bearings

In the previous two articles, we have already gathered enough witnesses and acquaintance about the definition of longboards. We discussed longboard bags as well as longboard gloves. Now, it’s the perfect time to understand and study in depth the mechanisms as well as to get complete knowledge about longboard bearings .
The only thing that provides the wheel an opportunity to get a rounded shape is called a bearing. This is the core definition of bearing. All of the following stuff will revolve around it. So, to spin the wheel, when some external force is applied, small balls of steel rests on a race track amalgamated with wheel’s internal hub & truck’s axle. Almost all the longboard bearing manufactured in the world comes in some standard dimensions.
parts of bearings

There are many little factors that can easily distinguish between a good and a bad longboard bearing. Some of the typical criteria includes:

  • Durability
  • Velocity
  • Material’s carrying capacity
  • Tolerance
  • Lubrication

These are not the only factors on which the quality of a bearing depends. In the above-mentioned factors, “Tolerance” is the most important one. Although, it may not sound appropriate for people dealing in bearing business, the fact of the matter is, they do not provide ample details to distinguish their manufactured product from the other one.
This article will assist in identifying the main reasons behind such a widely spaced price range of bearings.


Understanding the clear cut meaning of bearing’s rating is critical as the most important factor, that controls the performance of a bearing i.e. tolerance, is dependent upon it. Many people take good rating for the one which can serve their purpose for a long time. But, this is not a rule of thumb. If you want an excellent efficiency of your longboard then, instead of focusing on ratings, you should go for tolerance factor. Similarly, there are other factors that play an important role in evaluating its performance such as lubrication, etc.


The actual cost of a bearing is mostly dependent upon the type of material it comprises of. Large fluctuations in price are owing to this very factor. For example, a bearing made of ceramic material will offer the following pros.

  • Fast speed.
  • High rolling.
  • Greater durability.

This is the reason for the high cost of the ceramic bearing. Those who can’t afford such a huge price can get their job done by utilizing the option of stainless steel bearings. It will also help in reducing the friction offered because of the high quality of steel employed.


Small cylindrical like things employed in a bearing are called spacings. Spacings are of not much use expect to increase the bearing life or ameliorating your entire system regarding longboard. Bearings usually have to space amidst and establish a connection between the axles and the spacing on the inside. Tightening problems can be reduced once you employ spacing in your bearings.


From the above-mentioned description, it would be clear that the basic function to utilize a bearing is to reduce friction. So there should be no denying the fact that a good bearing is always the one which is bitterly lubricated to give enhanced longboard bearing performance. But giving special consideration to such longboard bearings should not be neglected as they assist you for a longer period.


A good bearing is equivalent to an effective bearing which is surely equal to a productive one. So always pay special heed to keep longboard bearings clean. They should not be exposed to heat, dust, rain and other climatic disorders.
For cleaning purposes, always use a short pin to remove the shield and cover of rubber.
The shield must be washed with soap and then left to dry for some time.
When the shield is required to be removed, the solution should be utilized for soaking purposes. Never try to use a solution with water also called WD-40 because it will become a cause of a film formation. Instead of water, kerosene or alcohol can be used.
After this, the shield should be put back to its position, properly at the center of two main grooves.
In the end, putting a few drops of lubricant can’t create an issue.


Bones Ceramic Reds Bearing: Bones Ceramic Reds Bearing

These bearings have high attributes such as lighter in weight, waterproof, stable, strength and very high durability as it consists of first class steel. Also provides an ease of removal for effective cleaning and negotiates frictional effects. To provide high speed and strength, retainers of nylon balls are attached. Already lubricated with cream of speeding.

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearing: Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearing:-

Available in the packing of 8 with four splendid spacers, instructional card, and a unique sticker is attached too. These balls offer the advantage of being strong, hard and light as their durability is second to none. 25 years of approved design and mechanism. Similar retainers of nylon ball as that of bones are ceramic. Improved efficiency and a life time warranty are also given.

Bones Original Swiss Competition Skate Bearings: Bones Original Swiss Competition Skate Bearings

Available in gift form. Shield of rubber are removable for providing an ease of cleaning and at the same time negotiates friction. Already lubricated with cream that helps in acceleration quickly. Warranty is given on all products of the bearing. Its lubrication and tolerance provides the unique results and offers medium durability.

Sector 9 Ceramics Bearing: Sector 9 Ceramics Bearing

It is used to disperse the heat off during the frictional resistance.
Includes a spacer with a set of 8 unique bearings.
All the bearings are designed for race purposes.