Riding on a longboard is known as Longboarding. Longboards are available in different scales and shapes as compare to the Skateboards. During longboarding, some riders/users may reach speed exceeding 51 miles/ hour.  Longboards are used for various purposes as; Transportation, Free riding, downhill, riding, Dancing, Cruising, and Travelling. Therefore, longboards deserve the best protection and for protecting them, alongboard bag is used. They make it easy to carry the longboards. Through these bags, we can hang longboards on our back.
Longboards bags are also available in different sizes and shapes according to their different requirements. Many companies are manufacturing these bags, and their cost is varied from $10 to $400. Their cost may exceed from 400$ depending on the material used for manufacturing them.

Longboards bags are of different types depending on types of longboards. Some types of them are given below;
1.    Skateboarding bags
2.    Surfboard bags
3.    Snowboard bags
4.    Windsurfing Board bags

Why We Use a Longboard Bag:

These bags are used for protecting the longboards. They also provide easiness for carrying the longboards during traveling. These bags increase the lifetime of longboards. We can easily hang them on our back.
Things Needed for Packing:
1.    Packing tape
2.    Pipe Insulation
3.    Scissors
4.    Scale


FCS Day runner Longboard Day Bag – Pro Blue:FCS Dayrunner Longboard Day Bag

•    FCS is responsible for its making and the size availability varies from 102 to 122 inches.
•    Professionals like Kelly Slate, Sunny Garcia etc., are responsible for the fame and popularity of FCS.
•    FCS is also known for making luggage with board bags and other piles of surfing accessories.
•    Some of the best surfers have been sponsored by FCs such as GJ Hob, Sunny Garcia etc.

Sticky Bumps Single Day Black/Blue/Reflective 10′ Longboard Bag: Sticky Bumps Single Day

•    Sticky Bumps manufactured it.
•    Easily available with accessories like no. 10 zip, pocket of wax and numerous fin slots.
•    A high definition technology mirror is painted with PE to provide heat resistance.
•    Strap to detach pads easily.
•    Protective nose cover of PVC.

Curve Surfboard Bag Travel LONGBOARD Single 7’6, 8’2, 8’8, 9’2, 9’6, 10’2 with 20mm Foam L: Curve Surfboard Bag Travel LONGBOARD

•    Cur made this product owing to its variable size and dimension. It is a massive structure with dimensions of 0.75” nose and some zones of the tail.
•    Core frame is 7mm dimensionally, and a 600D canvas is present both upside and downside.
•    Adjusted with double peddles and a strap which can be easily detached.
•    Includes a modified zipper and a pocket of waxy material.

Pro-Lite Session Day Bag-Longboard:  

•    Easily available in variable dimensions like6, 8, 10 feet. A cut is made of width 27” to fill most of the boards of variable thickness.
•    Equipped with 420D ripstop light and have a top coating of nylon, which serves the purpose of being semi heat resistant of 266PE.
•    To provide sliding ease and for both inwards and outwards movement, there is a top flip of zip.
•    Provided with a pocket of wax type material and a hole to allow passage of air and thus keeping the board cool simultaneously.

Ocean Earth Aircon Surfboard Longboard Travel Bag – 11’0″: Ocean Earth Aircon Surfboard Longboard Travel Bag

•    Made as a trial for Fin slotted board.
•    Consists of reflective tarpee and a 600 D type polyester on alternate sides.
•    Blessed with a pad which is entirely water-proof of 5mm.
•    For protective purposes, it includes nose protection piece, anti-corrosion zip, and waxes.
•    Strap for detachment purposes whose color and dimensions may vary.

How to pack a longboard Bag:

• First of all, we should check out the policy of Airline.

• Buy an appropriate sized board bag. The bag should be convenient for traveling with. For traveling with heavy and bulky luggage, a hardcover plastic bag will be the best option for protecting the longboard.

• Once your boards are decided, the hardest part is over. It’s a good idea to scrape the old wax off so your board is clean and ready to go. Then take your pipe insulation and cut a slit in it so you can wrap it around the rails of your board. Once it’s securely attached, use packaging tape to keep it in place. Do this for each bag. I like to label the insulation with a sharpie for each board to make packing the boards easier on the way home.

• If you want, you can put bubble wrap on the deck of the board for added protection. When traveling with longboards, dings most commonly occur on the nose and tail of the board, so I usually put bubble wrap in these areas.

• Once the longboard bag is packed, weigh it. The weighing your luggage is crucial for any trip. Make sure your bag corresponds to airline limitations, and if you have extra room in your board bag, throw in towels, wetsuits, extra leashes, and clothes. Don’t pack anything sharp or heavy that could potentially ding your surfboards in transit. It doesn’t hurt to pack a small ding repair kit to fix dings on your longboard bag.