Longboard & Skate Tool

By utilizing skates, whenever you are traveling for any sport or any enjoyment purposes on the surface of Earth more particularly on the cool surface of ice is called skating.
Skating is available in many types, but the following three are the most important:

  1. Speed skating.
  2. Figure skating.
  3. Tour skating.

On hard surface types, skating is divided into:

  1. Freestyle slalom skating.
  2. Aggressive skating.
  3. Inline skating.
  4. Road skating.
  5. Roller skating.
  6. Skateboarding.

Most important of these is the “Skateboarding.”
That was the brief introduction to skating. Now according to the title of the article, we will go in depth to know about skate tools and manufacturing of a skateboard.


Assembling of a skateboard is quite simple. But owing to its technicality, it demands some sumptuous time. But, first take a look at the materials required to make a skateboard.
• Two Trucks:-
A set of four screws and nuts is required for each single truck that should be fastened to the deck as well as the baseplate. It must also be equipped with four nuts and two washers.
• Wheels:-
Same wheels should be used. There must not be a single matching. Should be four in number.
• Bearings:-
Eight bearings are utilized to fit on the inner side of the wheel.
• Skate Tool:-
It should be of the dimension 3/8”. Sockets are also provided with these wrenches.
• Phillips Screwdriver:-
Both skate tool and Phillips driver are symbiotic to each other.


Whenever the ears listen to the word “skate tool” immediately, it reminds of a helpful tool capable of solving all types of hardware problems. These compacted tools are manufactured throughout the world, but their function is mostly utilized in providing quick and fast working of a skateboard.
You must have your bags filled with three compressed skate tools. One for the obvious tightening of truck bolts and other should be the “Alien Tool for Workshop.” The last one is the “T-shaped tool.”

compressed-skate-toolFigure 1: Compressed skate tool.

grind-king-skate-toolFigure 2: Grind King Skate tool.

schmidt-fixed-skate-toolFigure 3: Schmidt fixed skate tool.

However, it should be kept in mind that these tools alone are not enough for the proper tightening and functioning of a skateboard. Obviously, many more types of skate tools are available. Though these tools have their own internationally accepted acknowledgment, but for quick and efficient work, you need a complete toolkit.


Many people run with this thing in their minds that they must have tools for all sets of jobs. This thing can be imagined mentally. They have their spaces equipped with all types of tools for all vehicles. So, from these things, it can be inferred that skate tool alone can never get the job done alone. So you should have the following tools with you:
• Socket Wrench Set:-
They can be used to tighten the screws or nuts, but pillars can be tightened with them.
• Bearing Press:-
They are the most important accessory that one must come up with skate tool. You will never imagine to live or do your work without it, once you have it. Can be best utilized for the removal and plugging in of bearings.
• Box Cutter:-
For the removal of extra tape used for gripping purposes.
• Crappy head Screwdriver:-
The most inexpensive tool is here. Utilized for the edge’s grinding before finally utilizing.



1. Ever land All-In-One Skate Tools:

Ever land All-In-One Skate ToolsAvailable in combination of five skate tools. Also, serves the purpose of being multi-functioned. Can be utilized for repairing, maintenance and tightening purposes.

2. TOOGOO Skate Tool Heavy Duty:

TOOGOO Skate Tool Heavy DutyProvides assistance with hardware, trucks, and wheels. Comes with three sockets along with Phillips and Allen tools. Handle top can be removed when not in use. Very easy to be plugged in most of the pockets.

3. MassMall Skate Tool:

MassMall Skate ToolOffers advantages in the form of hardness, carrying ease, Durability, and high-quality material.

4. Qingsun All-In-One Skate Tool:

Qingsun All-In-One Skate ToolIt includes a skateboard tool:
Provides ease to get fit into many pockets.
Also a very light weight item. Its assembly is multi-functioned.
Can also be used to adjust all types of wheels, hardware, and kingpin.

5. Silver Premium Skate Tool:

Silver Premium Skate ToolCan be fit into a socket of 3/8 inches with reaching abilities and with another socket of 9/8 inches. A screwdriver can be easily removed when not in use. A key of 5mm Allen type helps in accommodating trucks with a kingpin. Also blessed with a double cut medium file for edge’s grinding.


Skate tool has adopted many different shapes and dimensions. But, apart from this thing, they have the same purpose of working.
Many skate tools consist of 4 basic parts, the details of which are as follows.

  • Adjustment of Kingpin:-
    Skate tools own the distinction of holding this tools as the biggest in its arsenal which can be utilized for loosening or tightening of the kingpin. Trucks will show betterment in turning once they are tightened. If you loose kingpin, the trucks will offer no resistance to tightening.
  • Nut Wheels:-
    It is a mediocre type socket used for the removal and most importantly, the tightening of nuts so that the wheels may be able to properly grip the trucks.
  • Bolts of Truck:-
    The socket is the bolt of the truck which is utilized for the proper adjustment of truck bolts and is often used with the following fourth type.
  • Allen Screw Bit:-
    It is utilized along with bolts of the truck to render the same typical word of loosening or tightening of truck bolts. Modern skating tools are equipped with both screw and an Allen key tool to deal all types of bolts of the truck.
    Grip tape knife and file are the other two tools that the skate tool kit should consist of as they are utilized for proper gripping of the deck. So it is important to pay special attention to filling this toolkit as it will never be advisable to use your grandma’s old traditional knife to cut tapes.