Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard Review

Playing skateboard is such a fun thing to do. You know sliding on the street and then playing some attractions with our friend, well it sounds so amazing, right? However, do you know that even we are a professional one choosing the best skateboard will be a tricky thing to do? We must know what things we should know especially when you want to pick the classic longboard type.

Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard review

We know one thing that is really important to think about in the first place we want to pick the skateboard. It is the skateboard deck. Well, it something crucial because this is the part when you are standing on while you are playing skateboard. And knowing the fact that it is important you should be aware that there are several types of skateboards you should know.

What is classic longboard?

The classic longboard type or an old school one is the skateboarding type which has a flat nose and kicktail. This type usually has a wider nose. And they are also usually having a wider nose. Those things are the most common characteristics you can see. Another thing you can see is that they are asymmetrical.

By choosing the classic skateboard type, you getting know more about the skateboard itself. Now you know that the classic skateboard is the type of the skateboard deck. You realize that it is something important to pick the right desk before you start to play skateboard. And picking the classic skateboard will be the right choice.

Then talking about the classic type it is commonly used for Skating pools, ramps or carving the street. It is based on the design itself which is very suitable for those areas. So that’s why you should know first what kind of arena you will face when you play skateboard. This is because choosing the right skateboard deck will depend on the arena also.

The classic skateboard from Amazon

You know one of the best places we can visit to buy such best skateboard is the Amazon. One of their traditional skateboard types you should have is the Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard (40-Inch). And with the affordable price,  you will bring this baby home. The complete design of this skateboard will get you a perfect design without any additional budget.

As the classic longboard type, this Classic longboard has some perfect specification you can get. The 40-inch classic longboard will make you getting easier to perform such skateboard style on the street. Along with the seven ply, all Hardwood Maple deck you will bring such as strong and durable skateboard desk home.

Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard review img

The durable 70mm PU wheels will also slide the street with such as perfect performance. You know it is also such an excellent choice if you considering the wheels as the essential aspect in buying the skateboard especially the complete design.

What’s so special about this Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard?

When you have a 12 years old boy, want to play a skateboard this type of skateboard from Classic Longboard product will help them. The affordable price if this product doesn’t mean you will get the crappy gear. This gear is totally the best classic longboard type.

Lots of people already buy and try this product, and they said this is the right thing to buy. It has an exceptional performance on its wheels. The real solid deck is also becoming their main comment. This solid deck is entirely perfect for you who want to play safety so that’s why a 12 years old boy could learn to play skateboard with this skateboard safely.

The graphic of this product is also becoming the sweet spot customers can capture.

Along with the real solid wood and also the better performance of the wheels this skateboard is becoming the most favorite gift you can get for your son. Moreover, you can start to skate after a long time with this skateboard because the firm and the stable design that you can rely on. Lots of people already try this skateboard said that after a long time didn’t play the skateboard when they use this longboard, they feel easier to have their body on the deck.

Looking back at those testimonials now you can find the best longboard to play skateboard with. So let’s skate together!

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