Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard Review

Playing skateboard is such a fun thing to do. You know sliding on the street and then playing some attractions with our friend, well it sounds so amazing, right? However, do you know that even we are a professional one choosing the best skateboard will be a tricky thing to do? We must know what things we should know especially when you want to pick the classic longboard type.

Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard review

We know one thing that is really important to think about in the first place we want to pick the skateboard. It is the skateboard deck. Well, it something crucial because this is the part when you are standing on while you are playing skateboard. And knowing the fact that it is important you should be aware that there are several types of skateboards you should know.

What is classic longboard?

The classic longboard type or an old school one is the skateboarding type which has a flat nose and kicktail. This type usually has a wider nose. And they are also usually having a wider nose. Those things are the most common characteristics you can see. Another thing you can see is that they are asymmetrical.

By choosing the classic skateboard type, you getting know more about the skateboard itself. Now you know that the classic skateboard is the type of the skateboard deck. You realize that it is something important to pick the right desk before you start to play skateboard. And picking the classic skateboard will be the right choice.

Then talking about the classic type it is commonly used for Skating pools, ramps or carving the street. It is based on the design itself which is very suitable for those areas. So that’s why you should know first what kind of arena you will face when you play skateboard. This is because choosing the right skateboard deck will depend on the arena also.

The classic skateboard from Amazon

You know one of the best places we can visit to buy such best skateboard is the Amazon. One of their traditional skateboard types you should have is the Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard (40-Inch). And with the affordable price,  you will bring this baby home. The complete design of this skateboard will get you a perfect design without any additional budget.

As the classic longboard type, this Classic longboard has some perfect specification you can get. The 40-inch classic longboard will make you getting easier to perform such skateboard style on the street. Along with the seven ply, all Hardwood Maple deck you will bring such as strong and durable skateboard desk home.

Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard review img

The durable 70mm PU wheels will also slide the street with such as perfect performance. You know it is also such an excellent choice if you considering the wheels as the essential aspect in buying the skateboard especially the complete design.

What’s so special about this Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard?

When you have a 12 years old boy, want to play a skateboard this type of skateboard from Classic Longboard product will help them. The affordable price if this product doesn’t mean you will get the crappy gear. This gear is totally the best classic longboard type.

Lots of people already buy and try this product, and they said this is the right thing to buy. It has an exceptional performance on its wheels. The real solid deck is also becoming their main comment. This solid deck is entirely perfect for you who want to play safety so that’s why a 12 years old boy could learn to play skateboard with this skateboard safely.

The graphic of this product is also becoming the sweet spot customers can capture.

Along with the real solid wood and also the better performance of the wheels this skateboard is becoming the most favorite gift you can get for your son. Moreover, you can start to skate after a long time with this skateboard because the firm and the stable design that you can rely on. Lots of people already try this skateboard said that after a long time didn’t play the skateboard when they use this longboard, they feel easier to have their body on the deck.

Looking back at those testimonials now you can find the best longboard to play skateboard with. So let’s skate together!

Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard Review

Extreme sports, like the motor trail, BMX, skateboard, or anything are mostly dominated by men. It comes naturally with the human instinct’s nature. However, in fact, there are also woman athletes in various sports with the same competitive skill as men, although not as much as men.
Therefore, because of the domination itself, the sports equipment are almost always designed macho, dominated with the dark color, have minimum color design employment, etc. The design of sports products is very important, not only from the aspect of features and quality material. Even the appearance is undeniably the one of main interest in choosing the sports equipment. It is the absolute interest for all the sports players.
But here I will not talk about the sports equipment design or woman and man extreme sports athletes. I will talk about a particular longboard with a unique design, the Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard.

Features and appearance

Once again Mars Company launched its product which marks distinctive impression from the customers. If you see the board appearance, it is uniquely designed with tribe pattern. The tribe pattern has its nuance of novelty and young. The colors used on the longboard are quite colorful. There is four color domination on it. Honestly, when I first see it, the pattern and the colors are very attractive. For the extreme sport, the board is eye catching to be seen from far. The background of the board is let with the color of the wood. Hence, regarding the appearance design, the color combination, and the picture are very attractive.
The longboard is made from the eco-friendly material, and it will be good for its durability. The deck is made from the maple hardwood in 40 inches. Hence you can count on it regarding strength and durability. The wooden material is combined with the lightweight 7” aluminum, so it is strong and stable. The other features from the longboard are the 70 X 51 mm 80 A PU wheels, ABEC5 bearings with the 4 mm riser.
Quest Tribes Pin Kick tail longboard review


There are four main things of the board reliabilities. The longboard is robust and durable, stable, easy to control, and flexible. The maple hardwood and 7” aluminum are the secrets behind the durable and sturdy board. Since it is large enough and made from the quality material, when you ride it on the road with many obstacles, bumping, or pressing the pebbles, the longboard condition will not be influenced.
The wheels consist of polyurethane that guards against the sun heating and the frequent friction with the road. The feature of 80 A makes sure that the riding is smooth and stable. Mars Company seems very detail in manufacturing their product. The board is featured with open wheel inch that safe for the extreme field.
The Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard is facilitated with the great grips which is one of the main features searched by the pro skaters or beginners. With the great grips, the slip will be decreased nicely. The last, regarding the flexibility, once again the design and material make the board quickly passes the turning point or passing through the rough road.

Quest Tribes Pin Kick tail longboard review


The board is very nice to use. From the speed, stability, durability, strength, bending performance, and the smooth are all good. However, there is something that is not bothering too much actually, yet a bit uncomfortable. The truck of it is very tight. Of course, it does not influence the overall performance, but I think it would be better to be loosened a bit.
For the beginners, I think the first attracting aspect is the appearance design itself. Then, once they know the specifications they would fall in love with this board. The easiness in controlling the board is well supported with its weight of 6.9 pounds. If you are the beginner, I recommend you to put this one on your list. Try this on the rough, smooth, downhill field to get different experiences and sensation.
Many customers also say that the board has satisfying features except the tight trucks. However, if you have the ability to modify or have someone with such ability, then the problem is solved. Honestly, I say that the Mars Company is very specific in creating this longboard. It can be felt through the several things. The first is the design, then smoothness and the sturdiness of usage when you ride it on the rough road.

Quest rorshark bamboo longboard review

Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 34 Inches Review

As one of adrenaline sports, longboarding is popular as its cousin, the skateboarding. The two of them is very similar. Only the pro or people who know them quite well will be able to differentiate them. Maybe the easiest thing to differentiate them is through the boarding structure. The longboard is longer than a skateboard. When two of them are put side by side, they look obviously different.
As well as the skateboard, longboard has also varieties of technique, features, and the ornament design. Based on this reason itself, the longboard is widely modified since it was firstly found. The longboard has been developed to follow the need for the longboarders who typically have so many different techniques. Therefore, manufacturers tend to produce the longboard which is appropriate for the user in general. Therefore, whether you are the beginners or pro in longboarding, I am going to present a review about a longboard which may become the decision of a longboard.

About the Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 34 Inches

The size of Quest Rockshack Bamboo Longboard is unique than the common longboards which are designed in 41 inches dimension.  This board is offered in 34 inches size. The deck is designed from multi-ply hardwood maple and beautiful Artisan bamboo deck and bamboo hybrid. The features complete the board is rugged 6-inch aluminum tracks, 65 mm PU wheels, ABEC 5 rated bearings, and the kick tail.

Quest rorshark bamboo longboard review
Seeing the appearance, the color use is simple. It is facilitated with the urban design. Honestly, although the color use is minimalist, the design is quite interesting. It has the combination of yellow wooden color and black, impressive for the young longboarder.


Seeing from the customers’ opinion about the board seems like it is a nice choice even for the beginners. The reason behind this comes from the kick tail feature that makes it very operable. For the road with many obstacles or turning point, the kick tail will be a supportive feature. Additionally, the concaved construction of the deck produces greater control. When passing the road, the board feels lightweight, just like when it is used to passing the downhill. Thanks to the deck material and the size which has a shorter length which creates this benefit itself.
In my opinion, you should bring this one to commute from one place to another. It is a very nice transportation alternative as it is small enough and lightweight. Furthermore, although it is lightweight, you cannot argue its durability. The deck material of hardwood maple and the bamboo hybrid donate the strength and sturdiness of the board.

Although it is considered having such good performance, the board will be a nice companion for the beginner, but might not applicable for the pro. The wheels are too soft that influence the speed performance of the board. For the extreme sports pro or athletes, the speed is not that satisfying. Therefore, you can upgrade the wheels and the bearings. You can still rely on it regarding stability.


If I am given the scale from the 1 to 10, I will give 8.6 for this product. The board is stable, durable, smooth, lightweight, and the appearance is good too. However, the soft wheels are the bit disturbing for this level of a longboard. Since the speed is not good enough, you should be extra in controlling the board or upgrading its wheels and bearings. It will be better if you tend to use it on the down road or downhill.
Regarding cost, this product is very affordable. Moreover, with the less speed and smoothness, the Board is a good companion for learning.
In short, the Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard is overall nice for the easy use. However, if you mind the speed, you should search for the alternatives to overcome the speed. The board is worth of money since the durability, the stability, appearance, the smoothness are above the standard. The will made design and the material make the longboard is easy to control.
Based on testing and some customer review, the board is quite multitasking to be used in various fields. Therefore, it is a nice kind of short distance transportation. Whether the environment around you is flat, downward, or having many turning, you can use the board to do many tricks. It is supported by the concaved deck, the kick tail, and the light weight material of the longboard.

The Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail Longboard Is So Chick!

I’m a girly girl. I love heels, I love makeup, I love dresses, I love pink, I love stuffed animals. I’m your stereotype girly girl next door who loves to play princess. So, when my brothers introduced me to skateboard, I wasn’t excited. I always thought of it as a boys’ thing. But, once I got on the board, and my brothers asked me to go on a ride along the beach with them, I was hooked immediately. At that time, I was in middle school. During middle school, I didn’t have my skateboard. I got my first skateboard when I was in 9th grade, a used skateboard of one of my brothers’. That brother of mine then proceeds to buy himself a new longboard. I didn’t know what a longboard back then. I just looked at my brother’s, and my first thought was how big it was compared to mine. I gave it a ride, and I found out I liked it better than my skateboard.
Many people learned how to skate because they are amazed by the tricks. I, on the other hand, learned how to skate because I love the feeling of flying when you cruised across the town or on the beach, enjoying the wind. Because I never wanted to learn all the skateboarding tricks, I leaned more toward longboard. I found longboards to be much more stable than a shortboard, and more comfortable to cruise on it. Just a few months ago, I found my longboard to have a rather deep and long crack which make it rather unfit to use. That’s when I decided to purchase a new one.

Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard
All these years, I could barely find a longboard that can accommodate my girly personality. Once I found something, they always have bad reviews. Therefore, for this purchase, I didn’t look for any design. I just looked for a longboard which is sturdy enough and comfortable to use as transportation mean. After digging on the internet, I found the Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail. At first, I was impressed only by its design. The use of Aztec imprints is so unique, and the color is so girly, it fits my personality well. I didn’t get my hopes up, though, because my previous experiences with great designed longboard were never good. But I kept looking for reviews for this board, and what I found astonished me.

It’s not just the design that will awe you. Trust me.

This bad girl is made of the best materials. From the deck, down to the wheels. When the Quest made this board, they were thinking of a perfection. The deck of this Quest Native Spirit is made of 7-ply Canadian maple. They are quite sturdy materials. They also make the deck big. Yes, this girl’s size is 10” by 40”, which in my opinion is a good size if you intend to have a long cruise. To make the deck better, they shaped it with mellow concave and added a kick tail. The mellow concave has made it easier for me to ride and paddle the board. The kick tail is beautiful enough for smooth turns. So, in summary, the Quest has made one of the best deck for their longboards.
My awe with this product is not only because of the deck. The trucks of this board are also very nice. Made from rugged, lightweight aluminum, Quest has added a reverse kingpin system. This configuration has made not only a smooth ride but also easier control of the board. Not only the trucks, Quest somehow able to perfected the bearing. I don’t know much about the technical stuff like the ranking of the bearing, so I’m not exactly sure how good the bearing is in the technical ranking chart. But, I can assure the bearing is precise enough, you will glide with no problem. At last, the 70 mm PU wheels. For me, this is the perfect diameter of longboard’s wheels because they are right in the middle of wheels spectrum. Therefore, they can move the board with the right speed and acceleration. The wheels’ materials are also very durable (apparently, because I don’t know much about wheels’ materials) according to reviews. They aren’t too hard which make riding the skateboard easy on knees.

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard

Skateboarding Newbie and the Quest Super Cruise Longboard

I’ve always been intrigued by skateboard. From the outside, it looks like a sport in which all you do is trying to break your leg or arm by going back and forth on a steep curve. But then, I saw people apparently also use a skateboard just to winding, riding them around the town or taking their dogs for a walk. After seeing those people having fun with their skateboards, I wanted to try them myself. Before buying one, I thought whether I really should buy it or not. I mean, I’m not a teenager anymore, and I have a pretty big frame. I was afraid that little board would break in half once I got on it. So, I went to the internet and looked for some reviews of what brand of skateboard I should buy. To my surprise, turned there are many brands of skateboards out there. And every brand offers different types of skateboards in their brand alone. That’s when I discover there is something called a longboard.

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard
From my very limited understanding of longboards, I know them as a bigger and longer version of skateboards. And because of their size, they’re supposed to be more stable than skateboards. From many reviews that I’ve read, longboards apparently are very popular nowadays. They are well loved by people who usually skate on the street. Their plus stability also makes them very popular with beginners like me. After finding these facts out, I then began my research for the perfect longboard.
As I mentioned above, I need a longboard which is strong and could support my big frame. Because of my zero skill, I also need a stable longboard because I still don’t know much about how to maneuver a longboard well. One of my friends who’s also my skating guru then recommended the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard. He said the longboard is somehow perfectly designed for a newbie like me.  It had the requirements I needed in a longboard. Also, they come with a gorgeously designed deck. I, of course, didn’t trust him 100%. Therefore, I decided to look for some reviews about the longboard and apparently they all are the same as my friend said.

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard

The Magical Quest Super Cruise

The Quest Super Cruise is 44-inch long longboard made from multi-ply hardwood maples. Hardwood maple apparently is a very sturdy material. This makes the deck much more durable than the usually laminated ones. I read somewhere in the review that the guy’s longboard hit a car and survive without any crack whatsoever. Once I read that exact review, I immediately decided to buy a longboard that has only multi-ply hardwood maples. Another bonus of this skateboard’s deck, as I mentioned above is this longboard come with a gorgeous design. The one which I bought has a simple design that accentuates the natural bamboo look with some thick black block, and some thin black lines crossed gracefully. Not only the deck is sturdy and elegant looking, but it also has the so-called kicktail. Kicktail is supposed to give us easier maneuverability. I can’t testify myself whether this is true or not because I haven’t exactly had a good maneuver with any board.

The other important aspect of a skateboard and longboard apparently is the truck. Skateboard or longboard trucks are those metal components which screwed to the deck and in turn, are where the company attached the wheels and bearings. It is vital to make sure the truck is sturdy enough to hold the entire weight of the user when he or she stands on the deck. This Quest Super Cruise’s trucks are made of rugged aluminum. According to the pro skater friend of mine, the trucks feel very solid. I don’t know what that means, but evidently, solid is a good thing.
The other important aspect of a skate or longboard which my friend taught me is to check for the wheels. The size of the wheels and the distance between each wheel are a critical aspect of speed, acceleration, and traction. Reviews said that the usual diameter for a 44-inch longboard is about 65 mm – 75 mm. The Quest Super Cruise itself uses the 70 mm wheels, which are mentioned to be a good compromise. To be honest, I can’t tell how much the effect of the wheels’ diameter toward my ride. But one thing I can testify is the wheels have excellent traction to the ground.