What to Like from Drop-through Longboard from Rimable

If skateboarding has been your main passion, you may want to try the longboard as it will deliver the same excitement – or even more. Sure, you may think that the longboard and the skateboard are just the same, but you need to try the longboard first to see that it offers something different – a better stance, better balance, and a higher fun. Not to mention that you can also start your longboard collection (which will look great when paired up with your skateboard collection) with various eye candy designs and different variants. It is such a cool collection, and you can have a unique collection of yours.

About Rimable Longboard

The longboard from Rimable comes in 41-inch design which means that it is longer. However, when you compare it to the conventional and traditional skateboard, there is a significant different about the board. For most people, the skateboard is awkward and flimsy. Not everyone can have a good control over the board. If you don’t have a right balance, you may as well forget to ride it. Or be ready to ride it and deal with the consequences (which may include tripping or fall).

rimable drop through longboard review

The longboard, on the other hand, is different although it may share almost a similar design with the skateboard. It is longer and wider, providing an excellent platform for those with wobbly stance and not-so-good balance. Those who have used the skateboard say that riding the longboard is somehow fun and more enjoyable. The balance is right, and you will have no problems controlling it. Those who have never ridden a skateboard before even say that they have an excellent and positive experience with the longboard. To their surprise, the board delivers a very good stance and balance. You don’t have to have a previous experience with the skateboard just to be able to ride the longboard.

After all, there are a lot of things to like from this Rimable product. For a starter, it comes with a 41-inch design with 9.5 x 41-inch dimension for a better balance and grip. It is also made from the maple wood, which means that it is pretty stable. It has a laminated coating deck, so it is shiny and glossy – attractive and appealing. The fact that it also comes with 9-ply wooden construction will only add to the strengthening factor. It comes with aluminum 7 inch 180 trucks with drop through construction that improves the easy control and maneuver. The freeride deck shape will have you control the movement as well as maneuvering around so everything will be smooth and flexible. The wheels are sturdy and nice with 70 x 51 mm PU wheels and high speedABED-9 lubricant for a smooth ride.

According to the manufacturer, this design is made especially for those who want to gain the best benefits of controlling their movement. They like the standard drop feature, but they also expect a tighter and better-turning radius. Well, you won’t find any problem with this item as it will help you to glide effortlessly through the crowd. Pushing off will be easy as it is also good to prevent fatigue. Thanks to the ultra-low roll resistance and the smooth wheel turning, everything feels nice and handy. If you want to have a long ride, this is a perfect piece. If you just want to have fun going down the hills, this will also deliver the same excitement.

The Overall Reviews

A lot of users have said positive things about the longboard although there are some minors things that can be improved. Some of them have tightened the trucks because the overall construction is too loose – not to mention the rattling noise. After they tightened the trucks, the board even felt better. Previous users don’t have to change the bushing or other parts – simply tweaking the trucks – and everything feels great. Most of them also like the maple deck which feels sturdy and robust. Such design will be long lasting with proper maintenance and care. The grip tape is nice. Not only it prevents slipping and falling, but it also adds the cool design of the board.

Most people like the speed which is super fun if you expect something challenging and exciting. The bearings are very smooth, resulting in the speedy result. Using the board seems effortless, and you don’t have to break a sweat to enjoy everything. Turning around is easy as well as going down the hill.