Safety and Longboard Gloves


Putting your efforts, to find out the best and the effective longboard, are as uncertain as to claim about the presence of a sumptuous metal at a place without investigation. There is no rule of thumb regarding the best one. Every longboard gloves come with its benefits and negativities. Selection depends entirely on one’s preferences and choices.
Let’s take an example, you might be looking for gloves suitable for heavy lifting works, then you should notice about the glove’s fingers to be stick together to offer you more support. Or you can say, it depends on upon the finger puck style.
Therefore, the below material will guide you in depth regarding the criteria; you should follow to arrive at a good longboard glove.

Which is the best longboard glove?

Longboard Gloves (Triple 8 Sliders) Longboard Gloves (Triple 8 Sliders)

Their primary advantage is that they provide resistance to tearing and have a unique Kevlar fingertips that can be easily replaced or removed from their distinct pucks. They are also blessed with an extra slider set that is used to join fingers with one another. A strap named Velcro wrist is also provided with these gloves made of heavy-duty materials to provide fingers a very firm grip.

Longboard Gloves (Sector 9 BHNC Slide) Longboard Gloves (Sector 9 BHNC Slide)

Equipped with Derlin pucks, they provide excellent control over speed and sliding abilities. A print that reflects cuff is present at the top of the fingers side. Tips of the fingers are made of lasting fabric quality.  This material provides an ease of wiping sweat in summers. A 2.5mm thick form of anti-vibrating material is also kept under the palm. They are best employed in the steel industry. Needles join the extra stress areas and make it a user-friendly environment.

Longboard Gloves (Loaded Skateboard Free ride Slide) Loaded Skateboard Free ride Slide)

Quite a unique item for providing ameliorated protection to the wrist. Comprises of a pad of form and wrist protection strap. Due to the heavy lining of reflection & Nylon material, there is room for additional Velcro for a puck of thumb. Finger’s pucks are made of heavy plastic material. Neoprene wrapping provides extra grip.

Wrist Protection Gloves (Full Fingers) Hillbilly

Also known as Hillbilly gloves. Highly durable and comprises of goat skin coupled with high quality of threads of nylon. The special purpose of these gloves is to provide ease to the downhill riders. Also to prevents fingers and palms from any damage in case of any fall or bike slip. The full covering of fingers gives them extra grip.

Haight Leather Full Finger Longboard Gloves Haight Leather Full Finger Longboard Gloves

Implementing an additional layer of leather amalgamated with the cuff of neoprene and cinch of wide wrists make these longboard gloves easy to use. Derlin puck of palm provides increased safety allowance. Nubuck thumb provides protection for the back of hand.
The manufacturers have focused all those areas on this glove that are vulnerable to high pressure to make sure that fingers and palm stay protected during any biking hazard.