Santa Cruz Longboard Cruzer Complete

For the extreme sports lover, skateboard or longboard may be familiar with them. Longboard was originally generated when the people in southern California were not able to surf because the wave was not supporting enough. Since then, the longboard has received modification here and there until it became in such a design we see now.
During the process of longboard’s improvement, there are styles and techniques emerge. Therefore, since it is hugely varied, the longboard manufacturers create the longboard which can accommodate any longboarders. The longboard production has also been developing, and it will be. Therefore, in this post, I am going to review one of the longboards that might be your next option.

Product Overview

The Santa Cruz longboard cruiser complete is featured with 75mm 78 a road ride wheels, road rider 180 trucks, Santa Cruz bearings, and Santa Cruz hardware & black Santa Cruz grip tape with rasta stripe. This brand new product by the Santa Cruz is manufactured with 7 pounds of weight. With such weight, the board has an ideal size because it is designed in the length of 40” and width of 10”. The product comes with the size of 44.1 X 11 X 4.8 inches. Looking for the size, you will be able to imagine how much its sturdiness and strength.

santa cruz lion god rasta drop through longboard review
With the lion picture printed on the board, this product is the taste of the longboarder. The colors are quite simple without too much gradation. The board is dominated with red, yellow, and green, with the black as the background. The material of the board made from the uber-strong laminate deck.

About the performance

There are a lot of questions which are asking the same topic. Lots of customers ask whether it is right for their body proportions. They specify their body weight and the height. Frankly, I say, this product is sturdy made. However, it also depends on your weight.  Even though that commonly this Santa Cruz longboard is supportive for anybody proportions, the middle of the board can bend with the excessive burden. Furthermore, even if you have a proportional weight, you can easily break it if you cannot handle this longboard well.

In short, there is no absolute answer for such question. Its durability depends on the use. Also, after the testing, I can conclude that the ride of this product is smooth, and in a common field, the beginner will be quite easy to ride on.


According to its performance, from the scale of 1 to 10, I will give 9.5. The Santa Cruz longboard cruiser complete is quite pricey. However, with the price offered, it is equal to the performance itself. Additionally, the manufacturer, Santa Cruz gives you a fair warranty for their products. As the solution for the pricey price, you can purchase from the trusted portal which offers the free shipping. Therefore, if you are serious to purchase the longboard, this board can be your options.
The wooden material is, fortunately, strong for the bumps or pressure you might find while longboarding.  The design, features, and material are supportive to overcome great deals of obstacles you may found during the riding. While the material is unyielding and sturdy, yet you will find it is light and smooth to ride on. You will not find the stiffness riding while riding on it.
It is very stable to control and ride on. When it is used on the way with obstacles like pebbles or stones, the board is flexible. When you are going the downhill, its speed is incredible and very smooth. The secret behind its stability is the distance between the board and the ground. Therefore, it is not only stable but is also easy to control. For the beginner, the board is a nice media to learn. For the beginners, I recommend that you should try this board on various fields or roads, especially the downhill.
In my opinion, the board is not enough to be part of your fun, I think, the board is very recommended to bring you anywhere. Frankly, you should still consider the budget.  Moreover, from the board’s weight and size, you should be able to imagine the maximum burden for it. As earlier, I say that even though the durability and strength of the board are very nice, these depend on the use. Any tool that created for the human has its limit.