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Sector 9 42-Inch Bamboo Green Wave Longboard

If you want another line from Sector 9, and yet you want to have the classic appearance and look for the longboard, you may want to consider having the Lookout II Drop-thru Green Wave Bamboo Downhill longboard skateboard. It is another high-end product from Sector 9 with good design and solid construction. The overall quality is promising – that’s why the board has a pretty high price tag when compared to the same item with the same features and performances. After all, Sector 9 has gained a good popularity in the industry, so it is pretty understandable if they pay detailed attention to the shape, design, and performance.

The General Spec

It is easy to understand why this piece is likable by most people. It is inspired based on the classic surf idea for a cruiser, commuter, downhill, and also carver. With the total dimension of 9.6 x 42 inch, the board is pretty solid and longer than the standard piece. Since it is longer, it offers a better balance and nice platform for the feet. It comes with 74m Sector 9 78A wheels, 10-inch gullwing chargers, and Abec-5 PDP bearings. The main material is the Taco Mold bamboo (laminated), so it looks shiny and glossy. It has the 5-ply construction with drop through trucks. The graphic is beautiful and artistic with the Hawaii green wave on the near bottom and then a clear tape for a better grip on the deck. The board has this sturdy and tight feel, which is good when you want to cruise safely.

Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Lookout II Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard review

According to the manufacturer, this classic surf piece is designed with a great flexibility without compromising the rigidity. The overall design and construction are pretty solid and yet there is enough room for movement. The rigid and flexible style makes it fun for a piece to throw speed and slide easily without risks. The board has all the fun elements to cruise, slide around, and perform a little bit of cross-stepping. Remember, just a little bit so you don’t have to overdo it. Another great thing about this design is the big and wide stance, so it has a better stability. If you want to longboarding but you have never tried it before (not even the skateboard), you can always count on this piece.

Sector 9 has done everything and planned everything carefully, including the small parts and elements. The board has speed rings and spacers so you can always cruise safely. Not to mention that this is a longboard for the beginner, making your experience as a dream. The bamboo is super great to absorb bumps and shocks because of the design. But keep in mind that you don’t want to carry such a big piece everywhere you go. That’s why this cruiser is designed; to deliver comfort and convenience when you have to use it. Feel free to adjust some of the things you like because the construction is solid and it won’t disappoint you. If you want to change the tires or the bearings or the trucks, you can do so. Simply buy the replacement and off you go. No need to assemble anything. Just open the package and you will find your board there.

Users’ Opinion and Experience

A lot of users say that they like the board. Aside from the fact that it has a very solid construction and a good balance, it is also easy and fun to use downhill. Urban riding is also possible, thanks to the flexible gullwing trucks. They also like the bamboo deck because it absorbs shocks nicely and it can accommodate the users’ weight. Bamboo is flexible, but if it is not made in the right construction, everything can go south. The whole cruising experience is smooth and fun. A lot of users are surprised to find out that the board can hold them very nicely considering that they are pretty heavy. The graphic is nice. Unfortunately, since the board has a clear deck tape, it quickly gets dirty.  But in an overall sense, most users love having this board around. A lot of them live in the area where cracks, bumps, and potholes are common on the street so having the board are helpful.

If you are looking for a good board that can help you maneuver while enjoying your ride comfortably, you should try Sector 9 42-Inch Bamboo Green Wave Longboard . It is probably higher than the other longboards, but it does worth every penny that you have spent. For intermediate skaters who deal with rough terrain, this is a piece they should try.

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