Sector 9 Bamboo G-Land Complete 44-Inch Longboard Review

A longboard can be a great alternative for the skateboard, provided that you are looking for the leisure cruise without bothering about the tricks. The longboards are designed to help people to get the best experience when using the board. If you think that all board spots (like the skateboard and the longboard) require you to have a perfect balance to be able to control them, you may never have tried this board before.

The Longboard and Its Leisure Usage

A lot of people turn to longboards for different reasons but mostly for recreational and leisure purpose. Whereas the skateboards are mainly used for transportation and sports, the longboards are mostly utilized for a convenient ride. You know how people depend so much on their skateboards, especially for long distance travel. Unfortunately, not everyone has a good balance, and not everyone can master the skateboard. With the small deck and the slight flex adjustment, the skateboard doesn’t seem like an ideal item to be used for travel.

Sector 9 Bamboo G-Land 9.75x44 Complete Longboard review

Things are different with the longboards. Since it is longer (hence the name), the platform for the feet is wider too. There is a unique design about the board that improves balance and stability. A lot of people who have never used the skateboard before say that mastering and controlling the longboard is easy. Those who have operated the skateboard before claim that the board is pretty easy to control – in fact, it is easier to control than the skateboard. However, you should also remember that the size and the dimension don’t allow you to do a lot of tricks on the board. If you want to do tricks, use the skateboard instead.

The longboards have gained significant popularity over the few years; mainly because more and more people use it for a relaxed cruise on the street. A lot of college students are reported to use the longboards to help them to move from one spot to another. A lot of people still use the longboards for leisure and exercise (minus the tricks) although they may drive a car or ride a motorcycle on a daily basis.

About the Sector 9 Longboard

Among the many names in the industry, Sector 9 has been known to generate a lot of good products. The G-Land Bamboo Longboard Skateboard won’t be different. In fact, you are probably going to enjoy the improved balance because of the longer length. Other brands and products may have 41 or 42-inch, but this type will be coming with a total dimension of 44 x 9.75 inch.

Sector 9 Bamboo G-Land 9.75x44 Complete Longboard review img

A lot of people are wondering why this variant isn’t available in the official Sector 9 website, and they think that this variant is probably a fake reproduction. Well, you should know that this variant comes with the older model. Sector 9 mostly displays their only newer models, but they still offer the old ones – only they don’t provide the display on their official website. But there is no need to worry as this product is legit and official from Sector 9. It is designed and made with the original parts and components.

Another thing to like about this variant is that it has a medium strength and flex which can accommodate the weight of the user nicely. Of course, it depends on the user too but in most cases, it should be able to accommodate weight less than 250 pounds. Not to mention that it is made from bamboo which adds the flexibility and contour. As long as you are using it right, you can ride it with a higher speed without compromising the stability.

Feedbacks and Reviews

Most of the buyers say positive things about this longboard. Some of them purchase the board for their beloved ones, and it is a good thing when something you give to others turns out to be a good purchase. The deck itself is pretty robust and strong. The construction feels sturdy and tough. When it is paired up with the trucks, making turns is a no-brainer at all.

On the downside, however, you may want to order extra wheels or think about replacing the original wheels with the stronger ones. Some users claim that the wheels easily chip after bumping. Not to mention that it ‘s hard to make the grip tape stays clean after usage so you can’t expect it to stay clean and flawless for a longer run. It would be a good idea if you can keep the speed low. If you want to use it for a higher cruise, it would be better if you switch the wheels – just to be on a safer side.

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