The Natural White Wave Bamboo Longboard

You probably think that skateboards are just the same as longboards. They are not. The longboards have an increasing popularity over the recent years, mainly because of the high quality and the convenient usage. If you want to improve your comfort cruising around, using the longboard would be an ideal thing to do.

The Whitewave Bamboo Longboard

If you think riding a longboard will be flimsy or awkward, you are hugely mistaken. A lot of people say that the board is entirely comfortable and convenient; not to mention that it is also easy to ride and control. The thing about the longboard is that it is bigger and wider (and sometimes also heavier too) which improves the stability and balance. If you have problems controlling the skateboard, you may not have the similar problems with the longboard. Most longboard users say that you don’t necessarily have to be able to ride the skateboard first to master the longboard. In fact, if you are comfortable with the longboard, you can have a blast with this board.

whitewave bamboo longboard review

The product from Whitewave is no different. In fact, there are a lot of things to like from this product. For a starter, it comes with Warrior color with its bare and natural finish. The light mahogany color with its white stripes and random patterns will only add the appeal to the board. If you are looking for a relaxed and convenient means of transportation while retaining your cool look, this is a must have item. A lot of college kids like to have this type of board because it allows them to cruise down the campus with ease. Unlike the skateboard, the longboard isn’t wobbly. Even for people with gait and balance problem, this board is helpful. If you have a better balance, you know how this board can improve your appearance – and also natural movement.

The Features and Specs

When compared to the other long boards, this one has a ‘smaller’ and ‘more compact’ dimension. With a total dimension of 9.75 x 38 inch, this longboard has a low drop down deck and also drop through trucks. Does such arrangement deliver a better performance? You bet it does. Does the whole arrangement feel good and reliable? Yes, it does. Will you be more balanced with the item? Yes, you will. Thanks to the low deck spec, it has a better center of gravity, allowing you to have better control and ability to maneuver around.

The longboard also comes with high-quality material, made from Canadian maple and bamboo design with layers and layers. The deck may seem light, but it can accommodate people with weight up to 110 kilograms. The deck also comes with a better design and a transferred durable heat graphic and clear grip tape. With polished aluminum 180mm finish trucks and super high rebound bushing, you can expect a better outcome with this longboard. It has urethane high rebound 70 x 50mm wheels with durable and fast hellion ABEC-9 bearings and built-in spacers. Will they improve the quality and functionality of the longboard? Of course, they will. After all, with a total weight around 9.35 pounds, the longboard feels right. It isn’t too light or flimsy, and it is not too heavy – it just feels solid.

Reviews and Opinions

A lot of people who have purchased the item say that it is remarkably satisfying. When compared to the other more expensive lines, this one from the Whitewave doesn’t disappoint. In fact, this product is claimed to deliver a more satisfying feel and experience when compared to those expensive high-end items. As it was mentioned before, a lot of college kids love to have this board cruising down the campus. After all, the longboard isn’t designed for tricks (unlike the skateboard), so it is very fun to do it without breaking a sweat. A lot of them claim that the board has an exquisite stability and flexibility – not to mention that it also feels smooth and perfect.

Despite the price, this deck doesn’t disappoint at all. Sure, the board is smaller and shorter when compared to the standard 41 inch, but it doesn’t affect the performance and the quality of riding. It will be a good idea if you want to include this in your wish list.