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Yocaher 40-Inch Lowrider Punked Drop Longboard Review

It can be difficult to choose which longboard to choose. Yes, you get it that all longboards are reliable and comfortable. And yes, you get it that the longboards can give you a better chance to enjoy the cruise and travel long distance without fatigue or fuss. However, you should also remember that such board is available in many designs, types, and variants. Some are coming with unique image and design while some are pretty simple and basic.

If you are looking for a classic and original design that is based on the conventional skateboard shape, the Lowrider Punked Drop down Longboard is the best option. This product from Yohacer may not be as expensive as other top brands like Sector 9 but everyone has their preferences and likes and some people do like this classic and original style. The overall structure is solid and sturdy, and there is a ‘cool’ factor about the deck. Everything about the design is colorful and ‘loud’ without creating too much fuss and the fumble.

About the Longboard

The rather boxy design is pretty unique, especially if you compare with the standard curves and circular edges of most longboards. The board comes with the right dimension with drop concave double lowrider deck and 9.5 x 40.75 inches in total. The length feels right as it is not too long (unlike the 42-inches products) and yet it is not too short either. It has all the right elements with 70 x 52mm Q-ball substantial 78A wheel hardness, heavy duty HD7 trucks, and also aluminum allow 180mm hanger. The bearings are chrome Abec-7 bearings with 80A premium grade black grip tape. The riser is plastic 8mm riser.

Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard review

There is something unique and familiar about the whole design. With the combined theme of original and punk styling, the overall design is impressive and appealing, and yet it doesn’t feel cheap or cheesy. Another thing to like about this board is the low center deck where the trucks are located. It gives you better stability and balance without compromising the speed. When you speed up, your balance will be affected. But you won’t experience such thing with this design. You can even say that this longboard will give you a better stance and stability – especially if you are a beginner.

Various Feedbacks and Opinions

Most people say positive things about the longboard, including:
The nice design and the beautiful quality of the construction and frame
The ride is smooth and fun – it is a cool ride for a relaxed cruise around the city or for speeding up
The board is pretty stable and balance. The grip feels nice and solid – there is no way that you are going to fall or slip; well unless you have a terrible stance and balance.

However, there are some things you should know about the longboard. It can be pretty difficult to control or turn if you are light. Not to mention that the bushings are made from hard plastic. It is responsible for the tightness and durability, but it also makes the board harder to turn. Bearings work fine, but you may want to consider replacing them as well as the bushings. You won’t spend much for those parts, but you will improve your longboard without fuss. Wheels can be wobbly in fast speed so you may want to be extra careful about your speed. Unless you replace the wheels, it would be wise if you keep a steady speed.

In facts, you are free to make adjustments and changes. You can screw the nuts or tighten the wheels or trucks. However, you may not want to expect too much from it. A lot of users find out that the overall detailed parts aren’t satisfying, so they finally decided to change the small parts – which work just well. The longboard feels better and somewhat more convenient to ride.

All in all, you can’t expect a high-grade perfection when you buy this one. You can always make several changes and adjustments and don’t be too disappointed when you have to make a replacement of the small parts. You can improve the quality and feel of your longboard without making too complicated or complex changes. Why don’t you try buying one and see how it works for you? You are guaranteed to have a blast!

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