Vintage Yocaher 40-Inch 70s Kicktail Complete Longboard Review

Just like the skateboards, the longboards also come in various styles and designs. Some of them are pretty natural while some are pretty futuristic. Some of the longboards have the original and classic look, such as the 70s kicktail shape that looks so darn good and appealing – provided that you are into vintage and retro styles.

The Vintage Yocaher Longboard 70s Kicktail

The longboards from Yocaher have unique designs and shapes – they are appealing to the eyes as the designs are quite popular for the major market targets. With the 70s kicktail new longboard, it is easy to see why this variant will be the next favorite item for longboard lovers. Don’t you find it appealing when you can maximize the usage and the functionality while still retaining the good look and the cool attitude? It won’t be different from this one, especially with the price tag that is quite affordable and inexpensive.

This board has come with the right features and specs. For a starter, it comes with the right dimension of 9.75 x 40-inch in width and length. With such arrangement, you can expect a better balance and stability. After all, the longboards are designed for daily usage where you can always cruise down the road easily. Since the longboards aren’t meant to be used for tricks, you should be able to control your balance quickly. A lot of users claim that using the longboards is simpler and easier than they have thought. Some of them have the experience with the skateboards, and they had a difficult time adjusting their balance. But they don’t find such problem with the longboards. In fact, the longboards seem to be very beautiful and stable to use. In the end, people who just try the board end up buying one for their usage.

YOCAHER New Complete Longboard KICKTAIL 70's review

Besides the dimension, the quality of the deck is pretty good and solid. It looks sturdy, and yet it is flexible enough so you shouldn’t have problems making turns. The board also comes packing with 7-inch truck hangers from aluminum alloy, 71mm solid wheels, Abec-5 bearings, and also half an inch rubber riser with the grip tape.

Using the Longboard

Using the longboard is pretty easy and simple, but you may want to make a test first before you can use it for a long distance travel. First, you can check on it and mount it. It is highly likely that you may have to make some adjustments to the components. It is possible to loosen or even tighten the bearings or the trucks to the desired level that you want. If you want to achieve more balance, and you can turn easier or quicker, you need to lose the trucks. If you want to make a harder turn or make the board firmer (in terms that it would be less wobbly), you should tighten trucks. If you are still confused about managing the setting, you can check the Youtube. There are a lot of videos about making changes for your longboard.

There is no need to worry about using the longboard as long as you pay detailed attention to the proper usage. For instance, the board can accommodate 150 pounds of the user so feel free to use it. Don’t worry, despite the seemingly small deck, it is sturdy and stable enough without compromising the flexibility. Mind you, though that this is not the ideal board for you if you expect a stiff longboard. Yes, the board is solid, but there is a slight flex to it. It may not be overly bouncy, but it is not stiff.

Overview: Users’ Experience

Most of the users say that the ride is totally smooth. If you are a beginner user, then you are making a smart move by choosing this board. The overall usage is very nice and enjoyable. Those who aren’t used to the skateboard won’t have any problem using this one. The quality of the bearings or trucks is okay but not great. Expect squeaky sound too. If it doesn’t happen, consider yourself lucky.
Just a word of advice: investing your money in the skateboard tools so you can easily loose or tighten the wheels and the parts. It will also be a good idea if you want to consider replacing the original parts with the ones with better (and usually more expensive) quality. The quality of the board is worth the price, but you can have a better experience when you make small changes. Consider your option wisely.

Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard review img

Yocaher 40-Inch Lowrider Punked Drop Longboard Review

It can be difficult to choose which longboard to choose. Yes, you get it that all longboards are reliable and comfortable. And yes, you get it that the longboards can give you a better chance to enjoy the cruise and travel long distance without fatigue or fuss. However, you should also remember that such board is available in many designs, types, and variants. Some are coming with unique image and design while some are pretty simple and basic.

If you are looking for a classic and original design that is based on the conventional skateboard shape, the Lowrider Punked Drop down Longboard is the best option. This product from Yohacer may not be as expensive as other top brands like Sector 9 but everyone has their preferences and likes and some people do like this classic and original style. The overall structure is solid and sturdy, and there is a ‘cool’ factor about the deck. Everything about the design is colorful and ‘loud’ without creating too much fuss and the fumble.

About the Longboard

The rather boxy design is pretty unique, especially if you compare with the standard curves and circular edges of most longboards. The board comes with the right dimension with drop concave double lowrider deck and 9.5 x 40.75 inches in total. The length feels right as it is not too long (unlike the 42-inches products) and yet it is not too short either. It has all the right elements with 70 x 52mm Q-ball substantial 78A wheel hardness, heavy duty HD7 trucks, and also aluminum allow 180mm hanger. The bearings are chrome Abec-7 bearings with 80A premium grade black grip tape. The riser is plastic 8mm riser.

Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard review

There is something unique and familiar about the whole design. With the combined theme of original and punk styling, the overall design is impressive and appealing, and yet it doesn’t feel cheap or cheesy. Another thing to like about this board is the low center deck where the trucks are located. It gives you better stability and balance without compromising the speed. When you speed up, your balance will be affected. But you won’t experience such thing with this design. You can even say that this longboard will give you a better stance and stability – especially if you are a beginner.

Various Feedbacks and Opinions

Most people say positive things about the longboard, including:
The nice design and the beautiful quality of the construction and frame
The ride is smooth and fun – it is a cool ride for a relaxed cruise around the city or for speeding up
The board is pretty stable and balance. The grip feels nice and solid – there is no way that you are going to fall or slip; well unless you have a terrible stance and balance.

However, there are some things you should know about the longboard. It can be pretty difficult to control or turn if you are light. Not to mention that the bushings are made from hard plastic. It is responsible for the tightness and durability, but it also makes the board harder to turn. Bearings work fine, but you may want to consider replacing them as well as the bushings. You won’t spend much for those parts, but you will improve your longboard without fuss. Wheels can be wobbly in fast speed so you may want to be extra careful about your speed. Unless you replace the wheels, it would be wise if you keep a steady speed.

In facts, you are free to make adjustments and changes. You can screw the nuts or tighten the wheels or trucks. However, you may not want to expect too much from it. A lot of users find out that the overall detailed parts aren’t satisfying, so they finally decided to change the small parts – which work just well. The longboard feels better and somewhat more convenient to ride.

All in all, you can’t expect a high-grade perfection when you buy this one. You can always make several changes and adjustments and don’t be too disappointed when you have to make a replacement of the small parts. You can improve the quality and feel of your longboard without making too complicated or complex changes. Why don’t you try buying one and see how it works for you? You are guaranteed to have a blast!

I super love my Yohacer Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Longboard – Review!

Yeah, you read my verdict right. I am in love with my new board. I bought it online for $95. And it is by far my best spending on anything.  I never really own a skateboard before, so this is my first board. I am, btw, a 26 years old female. I do ride a skateboard from time to time, borrowing my friends’ boards. Most of my friends usually use the regular skateboards. I first tried longboard after a friend purchased it and he said it was much better than his old skateboard. And just like my friend, I was owned by longboard immediately. From that moment, I thought to myself, I should buy one for myself and try to skate more. So, I began my longboard research.

Though I have known that longboard is bigger than a skateboard, it wasn’t until I surfed the world wide web that I knew longboard is defined as skateboard which is longer than 33-inch. Most of them also have a wider body which gives them the characteristic of being more stable than regular skateboards. It also through my “research” that I knew about drop down longboard. Supposed to have a more stability for greater speed compare to other longboards, drop down got its name through the fact that their deck is designed to be close to the ground. After reading about drop down, I immediately want to try one. I’m one of those who love to cruise and go fast down the hill. I’m not much on flips and tricks. Therefore, I felt that drop down is most suited for me.
Though not exactly a newbie, I’m not yet skilled either. My skill is more in the beginner spectrum rather than intermediate one. So, though I love speed, I also fall easily if the board isn’t too stable or if the wheels wobble a lot. Through more extensive research, I then found a review of Yohacer Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Longboard. Well, my first finding of Yohacer is because of their eye-catching design. As a girl, I’m apparently not immune to beautiful things. From that, I, then proceed to look for some reviews on Yohacer. And I found all reviews to be quite good.

Why I love Yohacer, you ask?
Simply put, the board is awesome! They delivered all their promises, from the great stability to great acceleration. According to reviews, this product is designed for professional longboarders. I guess this is the reason Yohacer uses the best materials for every part. Professionals are reported to be quite satisfied with this product. They especially praised the deck design which makes the ride to be more stable even at great speed.
Agreeing with professionals and reviews, I must say that the deck of Yohacer Professional Speed Drop Down Stained is one of the best I’ve tried so far. By this, I’m not only talking about the painting of beach at sunset on my board but also how the company made the deck be dropped down. So, to not confuse you, let me explain. Yohacer’s deck comprised of two heights. The one where they mounted the trucks and the one where we put our feet. The parts where they mounted the trucks are a little bit higher than the deck where we planted our feet. And this, I quoted from a review, makes them have a lower center of gravity for the rider, thus increased more stability. Well, because I’m not a professional reviewer, of course, I don’t know the science behind this. But I can approve that the board gives a high stability. Whatever the cause is. Another thing I love from the deck is they are concaved. The concaved deck makes it easier for me to ride the board and prevent a lot of falling.

The other great thing about this board is their wheels. They use 70 mm wheels which are perfect in softness and distant between each other. Some of my friends said they pulled apart their longboards’ wheels when they first bought it due to some imbalances. Me, on the other hand, has none of this problem. The wheels are also soft enough; they give more comfort toward my ankles compare to another type of longboards I’ve tried before.
If there is one thing I don’t like this product, is the bearing. I don’t know what’s wrong the bearing, but they don’t feel that great to me. When I check the internet, apparently some users also complain the same thing. One suggested lubricating the bearing to make them perform better. I tried this, and my bearing is performing better.
For the conclusion, I highly recommend this product to anyone out there. The price is not high, yet somehow, you got the best product.